Fanis Mouratidis: He revealed when the second cycle of Maestro will be shown

Fanis Mouratidis: He revealed when the second cycle of Maestro will be shown
Fanis Mouratidis: He revealed when the second cycle of Maestro will be shown

Fanis Mouratidis gave an interview on the show “Smile Again”. The well-known actor talked about his life, his career and the second cycle of Maestro.. He also talked about the love he received from the world.

I like to give interviews, I like to talk, I belong to the “mayor” category. I love meeting people who ask you great questions and inspire you. I stop and talk to people on the street, I like to mingle with people. Many know me as a voice and not as a face. Communication is a big deal and I like it through the step I have through television, cinema, school, I can communicate with people. I can’t with social media, not because of an ideological position, but because of weakness, I don’t “have it”. I didn’t imagine that Instagram would be successful as an app“, said Fanis Mouratidis

It worries me that they choose actors based on followers

This perception is dangerous. I have performed in the theater with people with many followers. On the tour I didn’t see the audience coming. It’s one thing to have a medium to confirm your brand and another to think that Instagram will fill your theater. The image does the job up to a point. I feel internet illiterate and third world with my kids. I trust them for the use they make.”

The show “Me, Me and Me” at the “Alhambra” Theater

It is a space to communicate new texts to the world, to get away from the fear of the market. We will give a step to new creators with the new theater. We will announce our plans in due course. “Me, Me and Me” is about a music-loving guy, urbane and affluent, who finds a record he’s been looking for for years. He goes home to listen to the record and there everything will happen in his house and he won’t be able to do it. I can’t say what will happen to the hero. The disk is very relative to the face“, he underlined.

The Maestro of Christoforos Papakaliatis and the second season

“We have now completed the first 6 episodes of ‘Maestro’. It is a huge gift for all of us. We have made a family, we have loved an island. Christoforos Papakaliatis has everything at a high level”, he noted.

How did he receive the great success of “Maestro”?

“When we went to Paxos in May to shoot, I understood the success. People started wanting to see where the filming took place. We were stopped on the street by tourists who had seen the posts of the actors. It will be released around April. Because in the summer we couldn’t shoot on the island. We didn’t have to stay. We can afford to do our job properly.”

The article is in Greek

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