“I didn’t walk into that trap”

“I didn’t walk into that trap”
“I didn’t walk into that trap”

An interview was granted by Eugenia Samara, who among other things mentioned her artistic career and her passing from “Radio Arvyla”.

Specifically, on Wednesday afternoon (1/11), speaking to ERT and the Studio 4 show, Eugenia Samara mentioned how difficult it was to shake off the title of “Radio Arvyla’s girl”

“I think I didn’t fall into that trap. I could very easily go in and I say that because others saw it that way. Others are our mirror, if we are afraid that they will see us as “so-and-so’s girl”, “Radio Arvyla’s girl”, the “actress” or the “presenter”. But if we put the label on ourselves, that’s all others will see. The mirror, because that’s what the others are in front of us.”

And then he added: “That’s what I believe and I’ve never felt that I’m not something. I had studied, I came here, I worked for the first time on television, I worked for the first time in the theater. I felt that I had studied this thing. Of course, this does not mean if that… if I study it or not. I, for my own data, felt that yes I can do it and I want to do it and I read something about it.”

“I didn’t go to auditions where I got half-eyed, people showed up in my life or I didn’t see it. But what we don’t believe, we won’t see”, concludes Eugenia Samara.

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