Kate Middleton’s revenge through… her uncle

Kate Middleton’s revenge through… her uncle
Kate Middleton’s revenge through… her uncle

THE Harry and the Meghan they are beginning to tremble. THE Kate Middleton prepares her counterattack after what the couple has said against her and her family. Of course, Harry and Meghan believed that they would not have a counter to what they say against the royal family. And sure, Kate Middleton can’t answer directly. But her uncle will do that.

As the British Express writes, Gary Goldsmith, Carole Middleton’s brother, is preparing the memoir. In his book he will “set things straight” and at the same time make revelations about the Sussexes.

The book comes a year after the explosive Netflix documentary series and Harry’s own memoir, Spare. The first was released in December 2022 and the second was issued in January.

On the counterattack the uncle

Kate’s uncle wants to give the Middleton family a “voice”. The feud between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with the royal family is still intense.

As a source told New: “When Harry was writing the book, his publisher was confident that William would not comment. Not fit for a future king. Harry didn’t expect a reaction from Kate’s family. The book is shaking.

It’s not the first time Gary, 58, has spoken about his desire to write a memoir, having said he wanted to in 2013.

Then, as he pointed out, he would not embarrass either Kate or Prince William. In the meantime he has increased his media appearances and criticized the Sussexes.

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