Kasselakis, cut the show and became boring

Kasselakis, cut the show and became boring
Kasselakis, cut the show and became boring

A different Stefanos Kasselakis has returned from the ten-day trip to the USA, after his legendary wedding and glamorous photo shoots in the Hamptons.

He now looks noticeably more “fishy”, as if a mold of seriousness was put on him over the Atlantic, before landing in Athens, in which he resents. Throw away the tight t-shirts and short shorts, banish the cameras from the gym, finally the morning coffees with the dog. He made a suit and tie almost the norm, and on his first move to Koumoundourou after the airport from the US, he appeared with a briefcase, as if anxious to lend his new persona a tone of ruggedness.

He also cut Tyler, who he had been in the frame of since he announced his leadership candidacy with the infamous “Hi, I’m Stefanos” video, from his public appearances. The likable nurse or doctor Tyler, who had conquered the mornings and according to his statement wanted to offer his experience to the NHS, is now missing. We even lost Farley the dog from the leader’s footage.

Kasselakis has also reduced the daily threats to left-wing dissidents, whom his people have so far threatened with “fascina, rustling and deworming». The threats of deletions via tweets were stopped and the more careful study of the statutes, the long-hour meetings of the organs and the integration into the “deep” SYRIZA began. Even Ahtsioglou was praised by the new leader, in a recent meeting.

In other words, the carelessness, the bluster and the flashy moments of the first days are over for now, Kasselakis has started the “fascina” from himself. Necessarily, since even the alternative Yiannis Boutaris told him recently on camera, with the brutal honesty that distinguishes him: “Be careful, you’re doing m@λ@κ!es”.

I guess that the new Kasselaki product is being prepared in the SYRIZA party offices by his associates, who were alarmed by the lifestyle overdose. The change was considered rather necessary, before the universe in SYRIZA fell apart, after the silly first two months. If I judge from the image of the blossy Kapnisakis, or even Kalpadakis, who was recently teaching him how to stand while listening to the national anthem, some intervened very drastically to set up a new mold of Kasselakis.


Polls definitely played a role in the sudden landing of the SYRIZA leader. Four last measurements fell like a catapult on his head: they all confirmed the absolute dominance of ND and Kyriakos Mitsotakis in the political scene and showed SYRIZA losing percentages and voters at a rapid rate. The new president has sunk in credibility and popularity, while all other parties benefit from the losses. Instead of Kasselakis winning over Mitsotakis, as he initially thought, he is now in danger of losing even to the third Androulakis.

Apparently, Kasselakis is moving from the ha-hoos, LGBT claims and breakfasts, at which he admittedly excelled to date, to a (under construction) new model of leader. Instead of fighting in the gym, he now fights for wiretapping or Tempi and attacks the prime minister every day. A new tactic, which remains to be judged soon by society. With the only objection that the recipe is not that new, it comes from the past. Exactly the same issue was used by his predecessor in leadership, but he lost in two elections in one year. Public opinion has already decided on these issues, in many opinion polls, that they are of little concern to them.

Add to the above the violent “Greekization” that his advisors are trying to do to Kasselakis. A small example: an apparently foreign hand wrote his post, in memory of Giorgos Grammatikakis -whose work he himself cannot know-, causing ironic comments. When you take away the fancy show from Kasselakis, what’s left? The same boring music that SYRIZA played for so many years.

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