Princess Leonor: Sofia and Juan Carlos only went to their granddaughter’s birthday party, not the swearing-in

Princess Leonor: Sofia and Juan Carlos only went to their granddaughter’s birthday party, not the swearing-in
Princess Leonor: Sofia and Juan Carlos only went to their granddaughter’s birthday party, not the swearing-in

Princess Leonor of Spain came of age and was sworn in to the Spanish Constitution yesterday, in a historic moment for both her and her country.

However, two important people were missing from this great event: Her grandmother, Queen Sofia, and her grandfather, former King of Spain, Juan Carlos.

And while many were quick to claim that Queen Letitia’s relations with her mother-in-law remain cold, as in the past the public has witnessed various scenes that testify to such a thing, the reason was different.

According to the Spanish newspaper “El Pais”, the palace asked the former monarch and the queen not to attend the historic event in the Lower House, in order to “not discriminate” and not cause a reaction, given everything that has happened with the Juan Carlos and the scandals surrounding his life.

King Felipe and Queen Letitia on their way to their daughter Princess Leonor’s private birthday party

Princess Leonor’s guests – Juan Carlos and her grandmother Queen Sofia present

But at the private party thrown by the royal family later last night, with just 40 guests, Queen Sofia and Juan Carlos were invited.

Apart from them, a large part of the Bourbon family and also the Greek family from Queen Sofia’s side were also present at the celebration held at the Palacio del Pardo.

According to Hola, King Felipe and Queen Letizia, wearing a black sleeveless dress, arrived smiling in a car driven by the monarch, with their daughters Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia in the back seats. On the way out, however, the queen was accompanied by Infanta Sofia, while the king left in another vehicle.

As the Spanish media notes, former monarch Juan Carlos was also seen arriving by car at the palace, with the EFE news agency noting that he landed around 3pm in Madrid from Abu Dhabi, where he lives in exile, and remained in the country for about 7 hours.

The former King of Spain, Juan Carlos

Queen Sophia’s soi attended the party

Queen Sofia was also present, with the camera recording her leaving the event, together with her sister Irene, at 11 pm.

Queen Sofia of Spain

Of course, King Felipe’s sisters, Elena and Christina, could not be missing from this family gathering.

From Queen Sofia’s side, apart from Irene, her sister-in-law, Anna-Maria, also received an invitation.

The widow of former King Constantine was accompanied to the party by her daughter Alexia, who lives in Lanzarote with her husband Carlos Morales and their four children and is particularly close to Infanta Cristina.

Anna-Maria with her daughter, Alexia

The last time we saw the Bourbon family and the Greek family together in public was at the funeral of Constantine, the last Greek monarch, but then neither Princess Leonor nor Infanta Sophia were present.

Although not seen in any photos, Queen Letizia’s parents, Paloma Rocazolano and Jesus Ortiz, along with his wife Ana Togores, as well as her sister, Thelma, were also invited to the event.

Photos: Instagram/the_royal_watcher

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