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Hatzipanteli pointed the middle finger at Ramona

Hatzipanteli pointed the middle finger at Ramona
Hatzipanteli pointed the middle finger at Ramona

In the “Mega Kalimera” show, statements were made by Ramona Vladiswho talked about My Style Rocks and her coexistence with Sophia Hatzipanteli.

“I have given my soul to My Style Rocks. I felt vindicated. All this love melted me. I didn’t have the luck and the honor to meet Sofia Hatzipanteli off camera. Stylistically I don’t like it. Because I’m a foreigner and my Greek isn’t perfect, that’s why I made this joke. I can talk about my own behavior, I can’t talk about other people’s behavior, it doesn’t concern me“, she said herself.

“Sofia doesn’t know fashion, she’s not a stylist, it’s not her job. Models are not so much about fashion, they are “hangers”. I don’t want any woman to feel threatened. This girl needs love, she has something in her… I felt sorry, not for me, for her, because she was exposed. It didn’t touch me at all. I don’t want to think they left it out of the lineup on purpose,” he continued.

Ramona Vladis left open the possibility of returning to the game as a judge on My Style Rocks.

The article is in Greek

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