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Cry of pain and despair from Theodorakis’ son, George


Pain and bitterness for the son of the leading Greek composer Miki TheodorakisGeorge.

  • By Nikos Nikoliza

The great musicianwith many parchments in foreign because of the particular of music he writes, he sees that what he does in Greece does not take place, as a result bitter to turn off even the channel which maintains on YouTube!

George and Margarita in childhood snuggled in their father’s arms

He even mentions that he has no man to comfort him and keep him company. “Those who hated me succeeded. Everything has a beginning and an end. I have reached my own artistic end. I came begging for some company. For collaboration that I have never seen. I have no one to comfort me, to give me some courage. I don’t live anymore. I’m a ghost walking around all alone. I wish there is another life to live normally. Without being jealous of me. To really want me! Finally, I’m deleting every note of my own music from YouTube, since I never existed neither as a musician nor as anyone’s friend. Hello and good morning to you. Tomorrow will be another day for all of us. Good evening”.

George Theodorakis

That was the cry of despair of 63-year-old George Theodorakis on social mediawith the younger of the two children Mikis Theodorakis had with his wife Myrto to broadcast an SOS of despair! Her brother Margaritas Theodorakis he has been involved in music for decades, while together with his daughter Myrto he has presented some common music their jobs.


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The article is in Greek

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