Nikos Psarras: His son’s reaction when he saw his love scene with Karyophyllia Karabetis

Nikos Psarras: His son’s reaction when he saw his love scene with Karyophyllia Karabetis
Nikos Psarras: His son’s reaction when he saw his love scene with Karyophyllia Karabetis

Him Nikos Psarras was welcomed to The 2Night Show” on Tuesday night (31/10) by Grigoris Arnautoglou.

The well-known actor, who participates in “Magissa”, spoke, among other things, about his wife, Elena Karakoulis, while revealing how his son reacted when he saw a love scene with Carabeti nuts in “Illegal Love”.

“In recent years we have played a lot in theater and television with Karyofyllia Karabetis whom my son knows as a good friend of his parents. He saw the romance we had in the series “Illegal Love” and was shocked. He said that the father should be careful lest Karyophyllia Karabeti gets pregnant by the father. He got agitated. Children cannot handle such things easily,” said Mr Nikos Psarras.

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“My wife and I have been together for 12 years. Panos is 9 years old, but it seems to me as if he was born yesterday, he is a nice guy, a geek, an athlete, with a lot of humor,” Nikos Psarras said in another part of his interview.

The misunderstanding with his fellow villagers

Nikos Psarras also referred to his first steps at the State Theater and the misunderstanding he had created with his fellow villagers in Soho, Thessaloniki.

“For me, Sochos is my village, my confidence, the place where I was born, grew up and dreamed with wonderful childhood friends. I wouldn’t trade my childhood in Soho for any Kifisia or Kolonaki. When I finished high school, I went down and took exams at the State Theater. I did not pass the first year, nor the second. I entered with the third. To justify my presence in Thessaloniki, I went and enrolled in a School of Market Law in Euclid. My father had tied the knot that I would enter Medicine, but to his bad luck, I ended up at KTHBE.

My father used to say: you will appear on television and the village will make fun of us. The village was his world. Apart from my close friend, Paschalis, no one in the village knew that I was in the State Theatre. In fact, when I finished my exams in the 3rd year of KBTHE, I gave my final exams at the Royal Theatre, so all my childhood friends came and saw me there. One of the pieces I had was Caligula by Albert Camus, and the name “Caligula” started circulating in Soho.

At some point, after about two months, one of the Municipality catches me and tells me: we have learned something and we are very upset with the Mayor, that you work in Caligoula. This was a strip club at the Thessaloniki airport. So in the village they thought I was probably working there at some men’s striptease night”, said Nikos Psarras with humor.

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