The great injustice he felt at the World Party and the relationship with Tanimanidis and Mavridis


Him George Lentza welcomed to “Night Out“, The Theoharis Ioannidis on the evening of Thursday 25/5.

The presenter, among other things, talked about his personal life, while responding to the possibility of dressing as a groom.

In a deep confessional mood, Giorgos Lentzas referred to the difficult period and the flirtation with depression, while he also spoke about his current relationship with his former partners.

“I spent a big moon trying to see how life works and it’s a very difficult and time-consuming process. Guilty situations come into your head, you can never be okay with people with the people around you until you manage to be okay with yourself. Most people fear loneliness, I felt I had to face it. It was a difficult process. I went through depression and I still experience the pain of it as a function of too many days when you can’t find the strength to get out of bed. Awareness and help are the only things that worked”, Giorgos Lentzas initially said.

Regarding the World Party, Giorgos Lentzas said: “World Party came full circle, it was the character part of it that made it so big. The two things I felt I had to answer to myself to close the chapter within me were a colossal injustice I felt about things and credit I was deprived of the end result. It’s internal, it’s the piece of creation that I’ve been able to give myself with original content productions. Money is something I try not to pay attention to.”

Regarding whether it was the decision of all four to complete the World Party, Giorgos Lentzas explained: “It’s what we say with relationships that a relationship falls apart when even one of them stops trying.”

Afterwards, Giorgos Lentzas referred to the reports that circulated from time to time and talked about the break in his relationship, with Giorgos Mavridis and Sakis Tanimanidis, after the end of the World Party.

What is written bothers me because whatever I felt, I have to protect it for what it was. I don’t want to say a bad word about a person who has been in my life as a whole and also it’s like canceling a choice I made in the past. It is a terrible mistake to judge his decisions then, by their knowledge today. You go ahead and continue accordingly. I’m interested in being humanGiorgos Lentzas noted.

In closing, the presenter also referred to his personal life, saying: “I generally freak out about showing my personal life. I generally don’t even present my opinions. I want to be judged only by my work. I’m not interested in showing my personal life to the world, I haven’t hidden any of my relationships, I don’t go around in places where there are photographers and not because I snub it, but I won’t have a good time there,” Giorgos Lentzas concluded.

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