“I’m saying goodbye to a big part of my life”


THE George Dalaras passes Hard times as a dear friend and colleague passed away Kostas Konstantinopoulos. The singer wanted to say goodbye to him through his personal Instagram account.

“From the other side of the world I say goodbye to my friend, a big part of my life. A great, inventive, pioneer, sound expert, dedicated and in love with his work, who created an entire school. I’m missing Kostas now at work, good compensation for fights with our machines elsewhere… My Karolina and my Erasmia, I send you a big hug”, wrote Giorgos Dalaras in his post on Instagram.

Who was Kostas Konstantinopoulos?

THE Kostas Konstantinopoulos he was a sound engineer and was the man on the sound console at the concerts of Giorgos Dalaras at the Olympic Stadium in 1983.

The distinguished sound engineer had worked with many Greek singers among them Haroulas Alexiou as he was also in charge of the rehearsal studio for her tribute to Manos Loizos in 2007.

For about 45 years he staged the big concerts in Greece.

His friends bid him farewell
In the post of Giorgos Dalaras, singers and composers say goodbye to him with messages of love.

Christos Nikolopoulos: We will remember you forever

“Our dear Kostas. You left us so quickly and so unexpectedly. we will always remember you. Because you were a unique friend of the heart and partner. Whenever we needed you, you were by our side. You were a part of our hearts and our lives. we will miss you. I wish you a good heaven. My deepest condolences to your family.”

Alkistis Protopsalti: I will never forget you
“Hey Kostas, does heaven need a sound engineer? How did you make her like this… I will never forget you.”

Kostas Makedonas: What a shame
“Is Kostas going too? What a shame. We will remember him with love.”

Eleni Tsaligopoulou: Have a nice trip my friend

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