The Russian spy who became a Greek woman with 5 million euros, with a certificate of a dead baby – How did the EYP find her

The Russian spy who became a Greek woman with 5 million euros, with a certificate of a dead baby – How did the EYP find her
The Russian spy who became a Greek woman with 5 million euros, with a certificate of a dead baby – How did the EYP find her

The action of Irina Alexandrova Smireva, who was recruited and trained in Moscow and led a double life with a stolen identity, was exposed by the EYP, giving public information about the Russian spy in Athens.

The EYP revealed that the spy, who, according to information, used the name “Maria Tsalla”, was a shop owner in Athens.

Spy thriller in Athens: How the EYP identified “Maria Tsalla” – a Russian spy and her husband

This is “Maria Tsalla”, the spy revealed by the EYP – She had a knitwear shop in Pagrati

How the authorities found the Russian spy “Maria Tsalla”

The Russian woman, whose real name is Irina Alexandrovna Smireva, owned the store “Galazio” in Pagrati, where she sold knitwear and knitwear products.

Police sources say they targeted the case following information in January about the suspicious activity of “Maria Tsalla” in Greece.

After an investigation at the Registry, an inconsistency was found between the paper and electronic file, as pages had been cut and then replaced by others with the same handwriting.

The Authorities, after sending her photo to cooperating Services, identified her as Irena Alexandrovna Smireva.

The baby who died in childbirth and the spy’s birth certificate

The spy used a forged passport of a Latin American country, while in 2018 she issued a (fake) birth certificate.

She was declared to the Municipality of Aliveri, while on her birth certificate she wrote the date December 1991 – she allegedly got it from a baby who died in childbirth.

The spy escaped to Russia in January

The spy fled in January to Russia, leaving behind her personal belongings.

After her escape, she contacted the landlord (she paid his rent) and her employee “Katerina” and, citing health reasons, announced to them that she would not return to Greece.

The shop of “Maria Tsalla” in Pagrati

At her home he left her personal belongings and a laptop, through which it is being investigated whether she communicated with her contacts in Russia.

She is married to a Russian spy in Brazil with the identity “Daniel Campos”, who fled to Malaysia.

He allegedly had a relationship in Brazil and his partner reported him missing, posting related news on social networks.

The employee and a person with whom she had a romantic relationship were completely unaware of the spy’s true identity, they said.

The spy was posing as a Greek woman “Maria”

Irina, who appeared as the Greek “Maria”, had also deceived the people closest to her who did not know her real identity and, of course, her secret activity. With the Greek identity, Irina could move around Europe.

It is obvious that its action would not be limited to the Greek territory, since as a citizen of the E.U. could travel and work in several European countries. That is why the success of EYP has a dimension that goes beyond national borders and concerns all Western countries in general.

EYP: The spy was operating in Greece under “deep cover”

According to an announcement, “the EYP proceeded with an important revelation of the way of action and penetration of foreign services in our country”.

“Investigations systematically conducted by the EYP, following information it collected, proved that the alleged “Maria T.”, who in recent years claimed to be Greek and was active as a photographer and owner of a craft and knitting store in Athens. She has Greek citizenship and identity card since 2018, in fact she is the foreign national “Irina AS”, who operated in our country under “deep cover”.

The countdown to the revelation began with the detection of a third country’s attempt to access the data of deceased Greek citizens, an internationally recognized practice of a country’s Intelligence Services to create the special category of spies nicknamed “illegals”.

EYP: The “illegals” and their activity in other countries

“Illegals” are recruited and trained by the services of a specific foreign country, with the aim of being placed in target countries, then undertaking espionage action in favor of their country. To protect their true identity, they use “deep cover”, which is created by falsifying individual documents and using certificates derived from the details of stillborn babies or people who have passed away. From the moment they are placed overseas, the illegals live and behave according to the fabricated story that has been created for them to protect their mission.” states the EYP in the announcement.

“The profile and action of “Maria T.” refers directly to the special category of “illegals”. The case that has just been revealed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office is typical of the way of thinking and action of the specific services, as well as for the construction of the identity and profile of “Maria T.” they worked systematically for many years with appropriate exploitation of persons, procedures and agencies, so that finally the foreigner “Irina” could live and be recognized as a Greek, deceiving even the people closest to her in our country, who obviously did not know her true identity.

It is obvious that the action of “Maria T.” he would not be limited to Greek territory, since as an EU citizen he could travel and work in several European countries. That is why the success of the Service has a dimension that goes beyond national borders and concerns all Western countries in general.” concludes the EYP announcement.

The spy became “Greek” with 5 million euros

According to information, in Greek legal documents she appears as “Maria Tsalla”, 32 years old, while her real identity is Irina Alexandrovna Smireva from Moscow and 35 years old.

She came to Athens in 2018 as a child of Greek expatriates and a year later she became a naturalized Greek woman, with legal papers. He claims to be a photographer and opened a store called “Galazio” in Pagrati with handicrafts and knitting items, while also taking part in photography competitions.

According to information, to transform her into “Maria Tsalla”, the process of “character construction” cost the Russian state 5 million euros.

The spy was operating independently in Greece without having any contact with the Russian embassy in Athens.

She was made a “ghost” by the Russian authorities

According to information, two months ago the Slovenian authorities arrested a colleague of hers. The Russian secret services recalled “Challa” to Moscow to “disappear” her, fearing that other persons from the network of “illegals” would also be revealed.

The Russian spy with her cat / Photo: Facebook

The spy was telling her acquaintances that she was leaving for some business and would return in a month. But something that never happened. She took down her social media profiles and the store’s website and became a “ghost”.

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