Rose Hanbury: Is William’s lover Kate’s ex? THE…

The 40-year-old Prince of Wales William’s solo appearance at the wedding of his ex, Rose Farquhar, fueled comments to rekindle the scenarios about his rumored mistress.

If Farquhar, who last weekend married George Gemmell in Scotland, is the future king’s official ex, as she was his childhood friend with whom he later had an affair, then who is the prince’s recent mistress? In the book “The Making of a Royal Romance”, published in 2011, however, the relationship with Farquhar was described as an “innocent, tender romance”.

Such a description cannot possibly fit the prince’s relationship with Rose Hanbury, now distant of Holmendeley.

The news is not new. Although this is more of a rumor that was first released in April 2019. Kate was pregnant with Prince Louis. In the palace, however, it exploded like a bomb the information that William had an affair with the now 38-year-old Rose Hanbury. It was an InTouch magazine revelation that had been debunked.

After the revelation, however, the friendships between former besties William and David, Earl of Holmendeley and Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury, were forever damaged.

The rumor resurfaced when an account known for posting gossip about celebrity lives wrote that “”this extra-marital affair in the British royal family is an open secret in London and a topic of discussion in every news outlet. At a recent media party, we learned that the real reason behind the infidelity is the prince’s preference for special sex toys.”

The third time this bombshell information was circulated was when Wall Street Journal reporter Kathryn Whelan tweeted that “Palace to cover up Prince William’s extramarital affair with Rose Hanbury turned the press against Meghan Markle and threw her to the “wolves” to cover up the scandal and protect Kate”.

Twitter took down the journalist’s account, and the uproar that ensued turned the spotlight back on Prince William’s illicit relationship.

Who is Rose Hanbury: A “party animal”

The 38-year-old Rose Hanbury, before marrying – by 23 years her senior – the Marquis of Holmendeley in 2009, a close friend of Prince William, was a model for the Storm agency, the same agency where Kate Moss started. The British woman who has an aristocratic background is also characterized as a party animal of the blue-blooded space.

Characteristic was the photo shoot she had done together with her sister, Marina, in a swimsuit alongside the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in 2005.

The Hanbury sisters (Rose left) with Tony Blair in 2005.

He comes from an aristocratic family, which has always been very close to the British royal family.


Her grandmother, Lady Elizabeth Longman, was a childhood friend of Queen Elizabeth and a bridesmaid at her wedding to Prince Philip.

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