They accuse her of posting photos with her children to “cover up” the Balenciaga scandal

In a TikTok clip, Jenner’s recent photo with her son and 4-year-old daughter Stormi was reposted. “Should I post a picture of my child to cover the Valenciaga house?” wrote the admin of that account.

Jenner and Kardashian’s response

Kylie Jenner seems to be watching what is being written about her and reacted immediately. “That’s why I don’t do this. I always have something to say,” he emphasized on social media.

On her part, Kim Kardashian she wanted to take a stand for this, through her post on Instagram.

The 42-year-old’s response was that she was “disturbed” and “disgusted” by the campaign photos, which Balenciaga eventually retracted, apologizing.

I’ve been quiet for the past few days, not because I wasn’t shocked and outraged by the recent campaign, but because I wanted a chance to talk to the in-house team and find out for myself exactly how this happened.” Kardashian wrote in one Instagram her story, while adding “As a mother of four, I was disturbed by these disturbing images. The safety of children should be treated with the utmost respect and anything against it should have no place in our society – period».

I appreciate the withdrawal of the campaign and the apology of the house. In speaking with them, I believe they understand how serious the issue is and will take the necessary steps to ensure this never happens again. Regarding my future at Balenciaga, I am currently reviewing my relationship with the brand in terms of their willingness to take responsibility for something that should never have happened – and the actions I expect to see them take to protect the children» then noted the popular TV personality.

Her post did not lack reactions from her online friends: “I don’t think you’re being honest at all. I think you were just hoping it would all blow over. There was no way they were going to pay for an ad and release it without vetting itsomeone said, with someone else adding:If you keep modeling for them you can’t be that mad. I appreciate the fact that you spoke up but just that this happened says a lot. Shame on Balenciaga and whoever supports them. It’s not worth giving a second chance after something like that».

The ad with the sadomasochistic teddy bears
The man who photographed children holding teddy bear bags with… sadomasochists accessories on her behalf Balenciaga, stated that he had no creative control over the subject matter of the photoshoot and that “he was just the one holding the camera and adjusting the lights».

THE Gabriele Gallibertiwho has worked in the past with prestigious media such as National Geographic, The Sunday Times, Stern, Geo, Le Monde and La Repubblica, issued a statement via Instagram regarding the outpouring of outrage that this particular photo shoot caused online.

The Italian photographer noted that he has received hundreds emails and hate mail as a result of this project, but he was not actually the one who chose either the products depicted or the models: “I am not in a position to comment on Balenciaga’s choices, but I must stress that I had absolutely no authority over the choice of products, models or their combination.” notes Galliberti.

The talented photographer, who had won first place in the 2021 competition World Press Photo in the “Portrait Stories” category with his project “THE AMERIGUNS“, he wanted to clarify the landscape after Balenciaga’s announcement, which seemed to place the blame on external partners, possibly on him as well.

“Our teddy bear bags should not have been seen in the hands of children in this campaign. We have removed it from all platforms” Balenciaga noted, adding that it takes this matter very seriously and will take legal action against those responsible for the inclusion “unsuitable products” in the photo shoot.



“As usual in commercial photography, the artistic direction of the campaign and the choice of the depicted objects are not in the hands of the photographer” highlighted on his part via Instagram Galiberti, responding in this way to his critics.

The truth is, however, that the photographer promoted these images on social media as part of his own broader project called Toy Storiesstarring boys and girls from all over the world posing at home with their favorite toys.

Although he clarified that he did not have creative control over the specific photos, he added that the reactions of people who called him “pedophile” on social media are exaggerated and resemble “lynching”: “I suspect that any person with pedophilic tendencies who searches the web has unfortunately very easy access to images very different from mine, crude and gruesome.” emphasizes the Italian artist, adding that this kind of online lynching distracts from the real problem and the real criminals.

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