Stamatis Kokotas: The women in his life, the two marriages and the three children

Stamatis Kokotas: The women in his life, the two marriages and the three children
Stamatis Kokotas: The women in his life, the two marriages and the three children

Stamatis Kokotas passed away at the age of 85 in the early hours of Saturday.

The well-known singer was hospitalized at Asklipieio hospital in Voula and died after a rapid deterioration in his health. His death spread grief not only to his family, but to his friends, colleagues and fans.

His discography may be huge and he had more than 40 years of presence in Greek music, but he had decided to keep his personal life out of the public eye.


Stamatis Kokotas: The two marriages, three children and two grandchildren

Stamatis Kokotas was married twice. From his first marriage he had two children, the popular singer, Dimitris and Elli while with his second wife he had another daughter, Marianna.

Stamatis Kokotas with his children Dimitris and Marianna

“I experienced big loves, small loves, one-night stands. Great loves, unfortunately, usually don’t last for many years. At some point, something will happen, something will be found, someone will be upset, somewhere you will be upset. But that’s life. And as my French friends used to tell me, “you have to take life as it comes”. However, what a man should know is not how many women he will love but how many he will respect and how many he will protect” he had confessed in an interview with lifo.

Dimitris Kokotas may have followed in his father’s footsteps and became a professional singer, but Stamatis Kokotas wanted his son to become a doctor, just as his mother wanted for him.


“My son, Dimitris, really liked the song and despite my voices, he followed it. I don’t know… I wanted something else for him. But he loved it too much. I was trying to explain to him that it is a difficult thing, look to do something else, and he went and got a guitar and started studying. Today he has become an artist that I didn’t expect either. He has many advantages and I don’t think he needs me to advise him. Dimitris is a great talent” he said in an interview years later.

Dimitris Kokotas-Stamatis Kokotas
Stamatis Kokotas with Dimitris Kokotas and his bride, Katerina

In 1972 he met his second wife Eva when she was only 16 years old and they stayed together until the end. Among his older children, he had the pleasure of becoming a grandfather.


The second wife of Stamatis Kokota, Eva.

In recent years he rarely made public appearances. He made his last public appearance last spring when he was at the Ermou Hotel to enjoy Anna Vissi up close, who was moved to give him the microphone in a night that those who were lucky enough to be in the store will surely remember.

Stamatis Kokotas at Hotel Ermou

Photos: NDP


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