Costas Sommer: With his pregnant wife, Valentini Papadakis on a night out

They are going to be parents for the second time in a few months o Costas Sommer and his wife, Valentini Papadakis.

The beloved couple can’t wait to hold in their arms the second fruit of their love, while their son is also waiting with great joy to welcome his little brother.

“We are very happy and are looking forward to our second child. It is not easy for a woman to be pregnant for almost two years in a row. He wanted to live this summer more carefree. But life is unpredictable and this is happy news. She is in her fifth month and we are expecting a little girl,” Kostas Sommer confessed in a recent interview.

The two may not have a lot of free time, but whenever their commitments allow them, they both make sure to spend creative time.

This is what they did on the evening of Thursday 22/9 when they were at Lake Vouliagmeni and at the Who is Who International Awards Ceremony.

The couple even posed for the camera upon their arrival, with the pregnant woman stealing the show with her stunning appearance, leaving her bulging belly uncovered.

Photos: NDP

The article is in Greek

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