Diana’s brother went to the Queen’s funeral but after the 1997 funeral he was bold

In 1997, at his sister Diana’s funeral, Charles Spencer publicly warned her sons Harry and William to beware of their two greatest enemies: the Media and the Palace.

And he went to the funeral and to the private service at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, he was there and the Queen cried and he made the related pictures on Instagram and Twitter. The reason for the brother of Princess Diana, the 58-year-old today Charles Spencer.

Diana’s brother at the Queen’s funeral

For those who don’t remember the late princess’ younger brother, Charles spoke at their sister’s funeral in a landmark eulogy in 1997 as he warned Lady Di’s two children, in front of the Queen, to be aware of two things: The media and the Palace while he had said in tears:

Charles later spoke to Larry King, emphasizing that he learned the news of his beloved sister’s death while in Africa:

“I was in Cape Town with my 4 children, the 5 of us were at home and the phone rang very early in the morning. And then someone from my house in England said ‘Look, I have bad news. It seems your sister and Dodi Fayed were in a car accident in Paris.”

Charles is also dad to the stunning Lady Kitty Spencer, Diana’s niece who has a modeling career and works with top fashion houses.

In the footage of the Queen’s funeral, Spencer was spotted by the television lens while singing while he showed us on Instagram both the gold cufflinks he wore while talking about the sadness he felt at Elizabeth’s death but also the honor of being to Windor Chapel for her burial.

Charles often talks about his sister, while he was the one who had refused the Crown production to film in the house where Diana grew up.

“They wanted to film here. But, I don’t do that kind of thing. The truth is, to be honest, I don’t watch The Crown, so I told them, ‘thank you, but no thank you.’

At the same time, the 58-year-old also spoke about his sister’s posthumous vindication, about that legendary interview with the BBC in 1996, where the grieving princess had said: “There were three of us in this marriage.”

Speaking on BBC Crime, Charles had said:

“There are some people who have been at the BBC who have behaved in a way that is really unacceptable and possibly criminal. It’s not going to end now. I don’t mean it as a nasty threat. It can’t be stopped now that things are coming to the surface.”

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