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Queen Elizabeth’s jewelery is not a minor matter that can be passed over simply on the basis of protocol. The division will be made, as reported by authoritative publications of the special press dealing with royal matters, between royal spouses – present and future. Kontologis, Camila and Kate will have the honor to share Elizabeth’s heritage in jewelery and clothing.

And if Camilla, royal wife of King Charles III appears won as she is expected to obtain the “good tracks”the Princess of Wales, Catherine, is to receive the “Lion’s share”, as experts explain.

Finally, there are also some separate pieces associated with particular historical moments of Elizabeth’s 70-year reign, which will be kept for historical reasons.

Majesty magazine editor-in-chief Ingrid Seward revealed which members of the royal family her jewels and other luxury personal items are going to for which it was “sorted and arranged by the Queen herself some time ago”.

“Her late Majesty’s personal jewels will be given to various members of her family. The Princess of Wales, as the future queen, will take the lion’s share.” explained.

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“There are pieces that will remain available for use by the king’s wife, which in this case she is Camilla, who will need a large collection to support her constitutional role “.


Some items, such as the late Elizabeth’s wedding dress and coronation robes, will be “preserved for historical purposes” and “put on display”, added royal expert Christine Ross, speaking to the Daily Mail’s FEMAIL.

“There is a hierarchy to all of this,” royal expert Katie Nicholl said on CBS’s Entertainment Tonight.

“The royal consort really has the first say in the Queen’s choice of jewellery. And after that is the Princess of Wales, of course, Kate. The Duchess of Sussex, MeghanI’m sure she will receive jewelry at some point, but it’s much further down the pecking order.”

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From her colorful ensembles to her matching hats and bagsthe Queen became known for her classic sense of style.

Elizabeth was rarely seen in the same outfit during her 70-year reign. The collection found in the wardrobes is therefore extremely rich.

Royal expert Christine Ross notes: “I would expect some of her iconic outfits, like her Jubilee outfits or the coats and hats she wore to royal weddings, to be preserved for historical purposes”.

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“The Collection of Historic Royal Palaces holds a number of clothes of Queen Victoria and Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth’s clothing is also of great historical significance and interest.

“I have no doubt that her wedding dress and coronation dress will be held by the Royal Collection Trust and will be on display often.”

As most of Her Majesty’s jewels belong to the Crown, they will automatically pass to the next Monarch.

“Items from the Queen’s personal collection have already been passed down to members of her family with each one personally selected by Her Majesty herself. Like any precious heirloom, these are definitely very special pieces,” explains the royal expert.

In particular for the dresses he explains that “Many of the Queen’s dresses could be remade to suit Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, the new Princess of Wales or even Princess Charlotte and Princess Lilibet in the future.”


Those of the Queen’s possessions that are part of a special trust rather than her private collection will remain there.

As King, Charles is now responsible for the Crown Jewels, which have been handed over to the royal collection by British monarchs since the 17th century.

What’s in the private collection – What about the clothes?

The Queen owned a private jewelery collection which, according to the Times, includes around 300 pieces of jewellery, including 98 brooches, 46 necklaces, 34 pairs of earrings, 15 rings, 14 watches and 5 pendants.”

As for her clothes, royal biographer Brian Hoy has revealed that once the Queen got tired of her clothes, she would donate them and either wear them or sell them.


“If the wardrobe manager wishes to sell an item, she is not allowed to reveal any information about its former owner,” Brian wrote in his 2011 book, Not in Front of Corgis.

“All labels and anything else that may refer to the Queen must be removed so that no one can trace their origin,” he explained in the book.

The Queen’s personal wardrobe manager, Angela Kelly, explained that the monarch liked her clothes to be “upcycled and recycled as much as possible”. He explains: “Her Majesty is always frugal and after two or three outings, a piece has been picked up by the media, we’ve either looked for ways to rework it or saved it for private moments at Balboral or Sandringham.” .

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