She uploaded pictures of her bathing naked with her child

She uploaded pictures of her bathing naked with her child
She uploaded pictures of her bathing naked with her child
Her posts Emily Ratajkowski on social media they are divided by both her career and motherhood, which she seems to be enjoying with her son.

Some time after the news of her separation and the rumors that o Sebastian Bear-McClard cheated on her, the famous model seems to remain unfazed by what is being heard regarding her breakup and is spending time with her child.

A while ago, Emily Ratajkowski shared with her online friends on Instagrama series of photos of her with little Apollo, whom she had from her marriage to McClard.

Mother and son enjoy their bath at home, in a bathtub full of water. In less than an hour her post went viral and received over 500 thousand likes.

Check out the photos he uploaded

The time of separation Although the couple welcomed their first child into the world last year, it seems that they are facing problems and the cause is none other than the film producer’s infidelities.

“He cheated on her. He has done it several times. He is a serial cheater” a source close to the couple tells Page Six.

The first rumors of a crisis in their marriage came after Ratakowski’s public appearances with her one-year-old son, Apollo, without her husband by her side. Also, in her latest appearance, the American actress and model didn’t even wear her wedding ring.

So far neither of them, nor representatives of the couple have confirmed the information.

The couple generally kept a low profile when it came to publicity. They avoided prying eyes and kept their relationship away from the paparazzi’s flashes. They decided to take the next step in their relationship, four years ago, with a secret in a close circle. Last March they welcomed their son into the world.

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