Uproar in the artistic world: Vassilopoulos is looking for… crazy actors through an ad – Bibila’s angry reaction

Uproar in the artistic world: Vassilopoulos is looking for… crazy actors through an ad – Bibila’s angry reaction
Uproar in the artistic world: Vassilopoulos is looking for… crazy actors through an ad – Bibila’s angry reaction

The ad published on social media by Christos Vassilopoulos, in which he is looking for actors for a new production, has caused a storm of reactions in the artistic world, making it clear that they will not be paid.

“Students/actors aged 25-70 are wanted, for help in filming or participation (either with a role or with an auxiliary role) in a new project, with a few hours of filming in Attica. Send your CVs and photos to [email protected] until September 24th. There will be no payment, but the production will keep all the biographies of the participants for future collaboration. This particular project is a huge project and the actors who will participate will work directly with the director as well as the protagonist ) gaining enough experience”, says Christos Vassilopoulos in the post that caused an uproar.

Spyros Bibila’s angry reaction

This ad provoked a strong reaction from the president of SEH, Spyros Bibila, who called on the actors to “not accept such humiliation” and to “behave like professionals”.

Spyros Bibila’s post in detail:

“Colleagues. Never work for no money just to be on a stage or in front of a camera. It’s the most uncooperative thing you can do. Even if you have money from another source, don’t accept to drag the cart of a show, a movie, or a series on your back. Do not accept such humiliation. Act like a professional. Theater, cinema, television, are professions other than dreams. You will have to live by them don’t forget it. Many of us have repeatedly done this and paid dearly for it. Don’t repeat decades of mistakes anymore. Respect yourself so that everyone will respect you. (Of course I am not referring to small theater groups who share equally in profits arising from their performances).

The answer of Christos Vassilopoulos

After the dozens of negative comments he received, Christos Vassilopoulos gave his answer:

“Let me inform you who are salivating that neither I nor anyone from the directing and production team will be paid. We don’t force anyone to take part and we are clear from the start. So I don’t understand where is the shame and where is the fault. Equally, those who will participate in the shooting will have the opportunity to get to know the director. I don’t think I need to mention that even today, when I send my auditions to the directors, consuming time and money, I don’t get paid either.

To clear things up a bit. Let me start with the fact that neither I nor anyone else is getting paid for this short shoot. Second, we are not asking anyone to come by force. Third, the word short shoot means that we will bring as many students/actors as we need on set for half an hour, at most an hour and a half. We will not hire 8-hour and 10-hour actors. Let me make it clear that I am one of the first actors who, speaking with people from the Greek Actors’ Association, said and I was clear that no one, no one should go to work in a theater. But no one. I am fortunate to have worked and be a member of the Screen Actors Guild of America and I support the rights of colleagues 100%.”

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