Ursula Corbero’s KAYTA shots on Instagram are causing a stir. Can you bear to see her?

Ursula Corbero, known to the general public from the role of “Tokyo” that she performed in “La Casa de Papel”, once again drove her fans crazy with super sexy shots that she shared on her social networks and literally caused admiration and uproar.

The full name of the actress is Ursula Corbero Delgado, and she was born on August 11, 1989 in Barcelona and is 33 years old. With a height of 1 meter and 63 centimeters, you don’t call her tall, but that doesn’t mean anything to her millions of fans who rave about her every appearance.

Even the name she has on her personal profile causes special interest since the young Spaniard has decided to be called Ursulolita naturally creating great expectations for her fans and not only when they visit her account!

On Instagram, Ursula is followed by 23.5 million followers, who can admire her wonderful photos.

Especially this summer, she has made her fans enjoy her in incredible super shots, while touring around the world.

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