Renos Charalambidis – Petros Filippidis: Renos… – – Sports News | News

Renos Charalambidis – Petros Filippidis: Renos… – – Sports News | News
Renos Charalambidis – Petros Filippidis: Renos… – – Sports News | News

Intervention by the well-known actor about what is happening in the last days in the courts and what has been said between the two sides.

Renos Charalambidis was mentioned in the cases of Dimitris Lignadis and Petros Filippidis.

The actor made statements to the “Morning” camera and, among other things, talked about his two colleagues, stressing that never before had such extreme cases as these two been heard in the field of entertainment.

“How is it possible to…”

“Never in the history of the Greek theater have we faced such cases. Personally, I have not worked with any of them, but in these cases, let’s leave the steering wheel to justice,” he initially said.

And he added that he is very concerned about the result in both cases. “This case gave a sense of complete contradiction. How is it possible that someone is jailed as a suspect and released as a guilty party?” he asked.

We remind you that Petros Filippidis is accused of one rape and two attempted rapes.

Dimitris Lignadis, in July, was sentenced at first instance to 12 years in prison for two acts of rape, by the Joint Jury Court of Athens.

In a related question about what is happening in court with Spyros Bibila in the Filippidis trial, he added: “Spyros is doing it with his heart. He is impulsive and when protocol is not followed he is dangerous. Everything gets horribly messed up. In a trial with serious charges, it is dangerous not to follow protocol. All this story that came out with the food, the lottery, etc. is a result of not following the protocol. The lack of rules creates problems.”

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We remind you that a few days ago there was great tension in trial Philippides during his examination Spyrou Bibila by the advocate of Petros Filippidis, Kiki Pakirtzidou. Specifically Mrs. Pakirtzidou questioned his credibility and impartiality regarding the person of Petros Filippidis, presenting to the court a publication in which, as he said, it is stated that Spyros Bibilas had declared that Petros Filippidis is rightly in prison. This caused the witness to explode, who, addressing the defense attorney, said: “want to see my credibility”?

He took it straight out of his pocket lotteries and mentioned that last October the advocate had invited him to meeting in Thessaloniki and made the table for him. “He ordered me food and sweets and in the end he also bought me two lottery tickets when I didn’t want to”, said Mr. Bibilas.

For her part, Mrs. Pakirtzidou stated that she called the witness to a meeting in order to point out to him that the presumption innocence of Petros Filippidis and that this is not correct. Then Mr. Bibilas threw her the lottery tickets he had bought for him started to leave from the hall.

Spyros Bibilas had stated that Petros Filippidis is rightly in prison. This caused the witness to explode, who addressed the defense counsel and said: “do you want to see my credibility?” itemprop=”description” />

Bombshell from Chalkia on the Filippidi case – “They say I wear blinders – If he turns out to be innocent, I will…”

Tasos Chalkias spoke about Petros Filippidis in an interview with On Time newspaper and journalist Sissy Menegatou. Occasion, the theater performance in which he stars.

Amid everything, in fact, the beloved protagonist wanted to take a clear position both for what came to light and concern the theater area and his colleague, Petros Filippidis.

You’ve been on the board for half a century, how do you judge this “abscess” that broke out in the theater with allegations of sexual abuse, the courts?

Our own space, in which we exist and act professionally, is a space that is particularly sensitive towards the people who see us, who want to collect good characters from us, who want to believe that we are not people who may have negative elements in us.

They believe that we are well placed in life, that we have no right to have complaints and I don’t know what else… As people who want us, they can’t believe that these kinds of social reactions can come from us, from our gymnasium , through people he either saw, believed or had his opinion about. But no one can really know the time you say “good night” to the other, how everyone spends their night, whatever that may be.

Be that as it may, regardless of what everyone expected and what they didn’t expect, there are events that have exposed some people to public opinion regarding their behavior. At the moment these things are in the Court. We do not have the right to speak when the Greek Justice, in which we all have absolute trust and when decisions that will judge, because people are judged by laws, interfered with laws and are judged, are in their hands. They are not judged by the gossip that once ended in the channels and everywhere.

They are judged by the law, which we expect to make some decisions. I have nothing more to say about these people, what we expected or did not expect, whether we fall from the clouds or not, where anything could happen – and because it happened what does that mean? Or, if they did.

I personally did not understand this kind of behavior from anyone, because in my character, even if I work with someone, it is not gossip under any circumstances. It’s just my job and nothing else. But are you going to tell me so many blinkers? Was it happening next to you and you didn’t see it? Nothing was happening next to me. This is nonsense, next to nobody, nothing happened, all that happened? They went behind hermetically sealed doors and windows. So none of us can do the magician, what he knew, what he had understood, I have heard thousands of rumors.

But Petros Filippidis, you yourself admitted that he was… is (?) your friend?

And of course he was my friend, I admitted it myself. Who will admit it next to me? He was my fraternal friend. Put the verb correctly. HE WAS my friend. I have no contact with his family or him since he was arrested. Everyone judges by their own standards. I want to tell things as they are at the moment. If Peter proves solemnly innocent, I too will look again. Did you understand;

Andreas Mikroutsikos… finished Petros Filippidis and Elpida Ninou in 30 seconds (VIDEO)

She insists that the allegations of sexual violence made against Petros Filippidis are an organized plan, the wife of the accused actor and director testifies for the third day before the Joint Jury Court.

The wife of the accused for continuous rape and two attempted rapes, said characteristically, “I will not say what I have said with my husband. But I will tell you that Petros (Filippides) is not a rapist”.

He noted that behind the complaints there are reasons for publicity and revenge.

“People love Peter. Everything was done to impeach him as a man. And for revenge from some women who didn’t manage to get what they want. A role. We talk about a role in here all the time.

“He is a talented man. It has managed to be in people’s hearts. They destroyed him and now they want him dead. Together with him, they destroyed my own family” he said among other things.

During her testimony, Elpida Ninou burst into sobs while answering the president’s questions about extramarital affairs, she said, “It’s my personal life. I’ve had a really hard time lately. They have spoiled me and Peter. I am with a woman who honored my family and took care of my child.

»I stopped working. When I had my child, my life changed. Life is not pictures. Life is my child. I was present. My child has been here since the beginning and is standing by his mother and father.

Referring to the women who have denounced Petros Filippidis, she said that she only knows the woman who made the complaint for 2008.

“I know the first complainant from her mother, whom Spyros Bibilas recommended to my husband to get her to work. She had told him she was in an abusive relationship and raising a child. During the 6 years they worked together, she also met her daughter. I remember she was an intrusive girl” said Elpida Ninou.

Insisting as before, she repeated that she (the first complainant) was wandering around the dressing rooms under the pretext of wanting to see her mother.

“He didn’t talk to me at all. Her mother used to sneak her in through the back door while my husband had banned anyone not related to the show from entering.”

She was even blunt saying regarding the first incident that “I don’t believe it. He was too busy to go to the Theater Home.”

Regarding the second incident of rape, for which the woman has reported him, the wife of Petros Filippidis testified that she does not believe that either.

“The play was for couples. It is impossible that she was taken by Mrs. Kotsovoulou, but she was offered a role. Which role? Where wasn’t there? What I know is that (…) moved of its own accord, as it voluntarily went to the theater of Moussouri. I had seen her many times.”

The revelation of Andreas Mikroutsikos!

Elpida Ninou’s testimony was commented on in Katerina Kainourgiou’s morning show on Alpha by Andreas Mikroutsikos, who revealed what he had known about the couple for years.

In just half a minute, the experienced presenter emphasized that everyone knew about the… issues between Filippidis and Nino and about what was happening at home regarding the extramarital affairs of the actor. “I didn’t fall from the clouds,” he said, among other things.

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