Gigi Hadid – Her father on her relationship with DiCaprio: “He’s a very nice man”

Gigi Hadid – Her father on her relationship with DiCaprio: “He’s a very nice man”
Gigi Hadid – Her father on her relationship with DiCaprio: “He’s a very nice man”

While everyone is talking about “Hollywood’s new hot couple”, the Gigi Hadid she is hesitant to enter into a new relationship with him Leonardo di Caprio.

After his nasty breakup with Zayn Malikthe model doesn’t feel ready to tie the knot so quickly, according to a DailyMail report.

However, despite her own hesitations, Gigi Hadid’s father seems excited about his daughter’s new acquaintance. Mohammed Hadid not only knows the actor personally, but also likes him very much.

As the 73-year-old told the DailyMail: “I met Mr. DiCaprio as Saint Tropez about five years ago. I think he’s a very nice man, I liked him a lot.”

He even noted that he knows about their relationship, but does not want to comment on anything more. “They are friends, they have known each other for a while. I don’t think they are a couple, but I don’t know everything either. I never comment on my daughter’s personal relationships, I don’t care who she dates.” he reported. Gigi Hadid’s mother, Yolanda, who has two marriages and two divorces in her history, will also play a key role in the story of the two, as she will have to impress DiCaprio if he wants any relationship with the 27-year-old. model to evolve.

Yolanda Hadid, a former model who likes to be called ‘mama bear’, is heavily involved in the lives of her children Gigi and Bella, with sources saying she is the ‘turnkey’ in the event that the 27-year-old model wants to bring Leonardo DiCaprio home.

In the past, rumors also wanted Yolanda Hadid to follow all her girls’ boyfriends on social media in order to monitor their movements.

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