“People want you back, you’re our prince”

“People want you back, you’re our prince”
“People want you back, you’re our prince”

She expressed her joy Sharon Osbourneafter seeing him prince harry and Prince William walking side by side after her death Queen Elizabeth.

His wife Ozzy Osbourne gave an interview to Extra and emphasized that for her the Duke of Sussex should return to Buckingham.

“Seeing them walking side by side brings back memories. I look at Harry and think ‘this is where you belong’. People really, really want you to come home. You are our prince”he stated.

As for whether she believes in the possibility of the two brothers “finding each other” and forgetting what happened in the past, Sharon Osbourne said: “I hope so”.

The relationship of the two brothers is going through a crisis, after the departure of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from Buckingham Palace. Some revelations that the Duke of Sussex made in public, led William, as well as their father, Charles, to cut off all contact with him.

Sharon Osbourne has spoken again in the past about Harry and Meghan’s “exit” from the Palace and expressed her regret for the move.

“The Royal Family has always been like Shakespeare to me. I have to tell you when I saw Harry and Mega earlier, I felt sorry for them. And I didn’t like the way they separated from the family.” he told Fox News in June.

Then he added: “I feel sorry for Harry, because I think there must be a part of him that regrets his decision.”

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