After the outcry, King Charles made a brave move towards Prince Harry

After the outcry, King Charles made a brave move towards Prince Harry
After the outcry, King Charles made a brave move towards Prince Harry

Turn 180The looks like King Charles did and will finally allow Prince Harry to wear his military uniform during a special vigil in Queen Elizabeth’s honor.

According to reports, Princes William and Harry are to attend a special vigil in honor of Queen Elizabeth on Saturday.


The two siblings are expected to join the Queen’s six other grandchildren in a special 15-minute overnight stay at Westminster Hall. The eight grandchildren will pay their respects to the Queen as they stand silently by the coffin in a scene reminiscent of a princely vigil.

The Princes’ Vigil at St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

It will be recalled that at the special memorial service held earlier this week at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh, King Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward stood around Queen Elizabeth’s coffin.

Because Charles has changed his mind and will allow Harry to wear a military uniform

Now, according to the “Mirror”, Prince Harry will be able to wear his military uniform again at this special event, after the “turn” of the palace.


It should be noted that the Duke of Sussex, until now, could not wear his uniform, after his decision to leave his royal duties. In fact, yesterday, in the procession to carry Queen Elizabeth’s coffin to Westminster Hall, Harry and Andrew stood out from the rest of the royal family as they wore gray suits with their decorations.

This is where the Queen’s grandchildren will be at the overnight special tomorrow evening

However, a row has erupted following reports that Prince Andrew will be allowed to don his military garb tonight, as he has been banned from wearing the uniform following allegations of sexual assault.


Of course, sources close to the Sussexes, speaking to reporters, insisted that the palace’s turnaround was not pressured by Harry.

In particular, Omid Scobie, the author of the couple’s biography, claimed that the Palace “gave in to public sentiment” as “thousands” complained about the decision to “ban Harry and not Andrew” from wearing his military uniform. Another royal source revealed to the Mirror yesterday that “common sense prevailed”.

According to the Mirror, Prince Harry has reportedly received special permission to wear military garb at Saturday’s vigil. However, it is unclear what uniform he will wear since he no longer holds a position in the military.

Andrew in military uniform today – As a last token of respect to his mother

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew, who also stepped down from royal duties in the wake of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex scandal, will be given special permission to wear his military uniform tonight. The exemption was made as a “last token of respect” for his mother and he is expected to wear the military uniform of Navy vice admiral – the only military rank he still holds.


The decision to allow Prince Andrew to wear military uniform while Harry did not has sparked backlash, with Harry himself issuing a scathing statement, addressing the issue and saying his ten-year tenure “is not defined by the uniform he wears ».

A spokesman for the Duke of Sussex said: “His 10 years of military service is not defined by the uniform he wears and we respectfully ask that consideration be given to Queen Elizabeth’s death.”

The Queen’s 8 grandchildren will pay their respects tomorrow

Meanwhile, another source told the Mirror last night: “It was a ridiculous situation as the Duke of Sussex has served his country and is a highly respected member of the Armed Forces with everything he has done for veterans. . It is important that Queen Elizabeth’s grandchildren all feel welcome and comfortable as they mourn their beloved grandmother together.”

Queen Elizabeth’s other grandchildren, Beatrix, Eugenia, Zara Tyndall, Peter Phillips, Lady Louise and James, are also understood to be part of the guard of honor at the special ceremony on Saturday night.


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