Looking sideways at the new crisis

Looking sideways at the new crisis
Looking sideways at the new crisis

It’s not an optional practice, it’s a one-way energy saving that lowers both bills and carbon footprint. It will remain even when the E.U. put a stop to the frantic rise in the price of a megawatt hour – it reached 1,000 euros in central Europe. We chow down on austerity undigested, like one more candy inapplicable to the act of mandate, thinking it only concerns the Germany of obscuration and the France of the end of plenty, certain that subsidies have ensured our uncontested shot.

How many have turned up the air conditioner thermostat as an exercise in winter energy poverty? How many turn off the lights when they are not needed, wash on the eco-program, spend less time in the shower, switch off appliances from standby mode, put only as much water in the kettle as they need, have replaced common light bulbs with LEDs, have limited the use of the car ;

At the same time, in how many houses was it possible to effectively insulate, to replace energy-consuming devices, even beyond refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers? In how much will it be possible to install heat pumps, wean off cooling and heating from fossil fuels? How many energy communities for the self-production of electricity and the relief of households and businesses have been set up? Because electricity is a social good, the foundation of a decent life.

Rulers and ruled to a certain extent we blind ourselves. Current energy sufficiency does not contain prices, only appropriate measures fight the absurdity of the dependence of the price of electricity on that of natural gas. Not even the need, after so much suffering, for everything to go well, exempts us from the European nightmare. On the contrary, it silences the reflexes, it delivers us soft in any vortex.

The truth often emerges only at the moments when spirits, overwhelmed by the panic of the tangible effects of the crisis, are pushed outside the seals of convenient attitudes, habits, beliefs. I know means I see. And then I act. But we don’t want to face the new storm. If we finally arrive unprepared at the gate of the problem it will mean that we have been defeated by our haunted looks, our extreme fatigue. From refusing to see the unwittingly difficult future we have to manage.

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