OAED – OPECA – Makeleio.gr benefits with prepaid card

OAED – OPECA – Makeleio.gr benefits with prepaid card
OAED – OPECA – Makeleio.gr benefits with prepaid card

Deputy Minister of Labor Domna Michailidou announced the use of a prepaid card for many OPECA benefits, starting with the birth benefit. As he said, disability benefits will not be paid with a prepaid card.

In the framework of the utilization of the resources of the Recovery Fund, the payment of the benefits through prepaid cards is a condition, and in fact the co-competent ministries are already discussing with the 4 systemic banks for the implementation of the measure. According to information from Dnews, OPECA and DYPA benefits will be paid with a prepaid card, i.e. OAED from 2023. According to information, the discussions between the Ministry of Labour, Finance and Digital Governance with the banks will be completed in the autumn in order to make the tender for undertaking the project.

The banks to take over the new cards and distribute them to the beneficiaries will receive for the first year of the implementation of the measure, i.e. 2023, an amount of 10 million Euros.

The prepaid card solution will greatly facilitate the use of the allowance, of any category. The cardholder will transact immaterially, electronically, through e-shopping, e-banking and other online services.
At the same time, it is being considered that there should be a limit on the amount of cash that the beneficiaries of OPECA and DYPA allowances can “withdraw”.

It should be noted that the issue of the prepaid card in allowances was raised by the Pissarides committee, which stated that transparency in the granting of allowances will be achieved by paying the money through prepaid cards and not through cash.

What is being considered is that the payment of the majority of OPECA and DYPA (formerly OAED) benefits will be made with prepaid cards, while currently only the Minimum Guaranteed Income (formerly KEA) is paid half by card and the beneficiary can withdraw cash only for half the amount. All other OPECA benefits and DYPA unemployment benefits are paid through a deposit to the beneficiary’s account and the beneficiary can “withdraw” the entire amount.

The changes that will be made are as follows:
• Prepaid cards will also be established for the other important OPEKA welfare benefits, such as the child benefit and the birth benefit,
• The basic unemployment benefits of DYPA, i.e. OAED, will be paid with cards
• Cash withdrawal limits will be established for prepaid cards and the amount that will remain beyond the limit will be able to be spent only with electronic payments, i.e. with POS purchases, e-banking purchases, etc.
• Prepaid cards will be incentivized for certain goods and services (such as spending on children or childbirth) and other spending, such as gambling, will be prohibited. In this way, the prepaid card will not allow the transaction in case the beneficiary attempts to make a prohibited expenditure.

What benefits will be included in a prepaid card
-Birth Benefit: The most prevalent benefit to enter the new mode – i.e. payment via prepaid card – is the birth benefit of 2,000 euros which came into effect on January 1, 2020.
With this card, eligible mothers will be able to buy any product they need from any baby or children’s store in the country, but they will not be able to withdraw a single cent from it, as it will not correspond to any of their bank accounts.
On the contrary, based on the existing system, the amount of 2,000 euros is deposited in a bank account of the mother and she can make an immediate withdrawal even of the entire amount through the ATM or bank branch.

– Child Benefit (A21): It is granted with income criteria from the first child and the total amount is determined by the number of dependent children and the category of family income. The amount of the allowance amounts to 70 or 42 or 28 euros for each child for the first and second child per month, depending on the amount of income and to 140 or 84 or 56 from the third and for each subsequent child, per month.
– Social Solidarity Allowance for Uninsured Seniors: It is granted to those who have not managed to accumulate the insurance time necessary for retirement and amounts to 360 euros.
-Agricultural home: Program to provide financial assistance to retired or insured mothers of three and many children who are farmers of the e-EFKA (OGA). The program concerns the payment of financial assistance of 700 euros to 4,000 mothers of three children and 1,000 euros to 1,000 mothers of many children.

-Fostering allowance: For each child placed in fostering, financial assistance is granted to the fostering parents or to them after reaching adulthood, to cover the current living needs of the fostered person. The amount paid starts from 325 euros and escalates to 375 euros and above for children with medical conditions.
– Support for Families in Mountainous and Disadvantaged Areas: The amount starts from 300 to 600 euros using income criteria.
-Unemployment benefit: It ranges from 219 euros to 438 euros per month for up to one year, depending on the period of insurance of the unemployed person and his earnings.

-Special assistance after regular unemployment ends
-Special assistance after a three-month stay in the unemployment register
-Detention allowance
-Special assistance to those released from prison
-Special seasonal aid
-Long-term unemployed aid of 200 euros for up to 12 months
-Employer’s insolvency allowance
-Availability allowance.

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