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What they know how to do well Takis and Michalis Sarantis is to bring forgotten companies back to the fore. It happened with Olympus. It happened with Rodopi. It will happen to her too pure;

We will find out soon as the group Greek Dairies of the Saranti brothers, the new owner of the historical dairy industry of northern Greece, is soon to bring products under the AGNO brand to the market again.

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It has been launchedthe relaunch of some – a few – codes with the BLANK mark sources close to the company say Economic Post Office. Specifically, shortly after Christmas this year or at the beginning of 2023, 10 AGNO codes (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.) will be found again in supermarket refrigerators. However, distribution will initially not include the entire country and will focus on Central Macedonia.

If the products manage to “gather” market share in Thessaloniki and Macedonia in general and if they are subsequently also in demand in Southern Greece. Distribution will be expanded. It should be noted that in total the codes of AGNO, which were transferred to the group, are about 15.

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The products will be produced at the Olympus factory in Larissa and at the Tyra factory in Trikala.

On the table and the ice cream

In addition to milk, yogurt, cheese and butter, AGNO also produced ice cream, having a significant market share.

The extension to ice creama category in which the Hellenic Dairies group does not have a presence – for now – is, however, something that is on the table as a possibility.

It is recalled that the entry of the Sarantis brothers’ group into AGNO took place a few months ago, “closing” the cycle of barren auctions for the historic dairy industry, for which, it should be noted, TYRAS had expressed interest as far back as 2003. Bank, the cooperative dairy industry was driven into the arms of Kolios.

Along with the trademarks, the group owns the large plot of land, with an area of ​​more than 130 acres, where the AGNO factory in Lagadas Thessaloniki is located, as well as the mechanical equipment, which is largely disreputable.

Seven acquisitions

From 2022 until today, Trikali businessmen have made seven acquisitions, most of them participating in auctions.

The exception is the two recent additions to the portfolio of the Hellenic Dairies group, which has developed into a “giant” with a presence in yogurt, juices, herbal drinks, tea, children’s milks and yogurts, carbonated bottled water, soft drinks, etc. and a turnover close to 430 million euros.

It’s about the acquisition of United Milk Company (UMC), a subsidiary of Delta in Bulgaria and the participation in the share capital of the Cypriot dairy industry “Kourousii” with management rights and provision for the acquisition of 100% of the shares in a second year.

With the acquisition of UMC, the Hellenic Dairies group, which is already productively active, both in Bulgaria with TYRBUL SA and in Romania with TYROM, further strengthens its footprint in the Balkans.

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