Changes coming to disability certification – Newsbomb – News

Changes coming to disability certification – Newsbomb – News
Changes coming to disability certification – Newsbomb – News

New interventions in the process certification of disability are activated within September based on the recent law (n. 4961/2022) passed at the beginning of the summer, with the peak of the new, single electronic application for disability certification and the provision of a single certification document for each use.

In the second year, the reform of the Special Corps of Doctors at the Disability Certification Centers (KEPA) is promoted, while the process of unifying the rules for disability pensions begins with the mini-insurance bill. Specifically, there is a reduction in the disability rate (from 67% to 50%) for specific groups of insured persons as a condition for receiving disability benefits.

In detail, there are three main interventions attempted in the network of disability certification procedures: firstly, the provision of a single application for disability certification, secondly, the provision of a single disability certification form for each use and, thirdly, the reformation of the KEPA Special Medical Corps.

From September 15, every citizen will now be able to apply to KEPA for certification of their disability or illness through a single electronic application and complete electronic compilation and distribution of his medical referral file. The result of the certification will be reflected in a single administrative document, the Disability Certification Result Notification (DCR), which can be used to apply for any benefit.

The GAPA is a form in which it is recorded in particular detail the entire image of the assessee, as it emerged from the evaluation and certification process, taking into account both his medical referral file and the physical examination before the health committee as well as all the available data in the Individual Electronic Health File and other national registers patients. Assessing physicians will have access to and consider all available image data of the assessee. In this way, Ms. Karasiotou estimates, the chances of wrong judgment, error, fallacy, and even fraud are minimized, as well as the chances of injustice against the insured are minimized. Finally, the objective and more complete practice of insurance medicine by the evaluators – doctors of KEPA is ensured.

The third institutional intervention comes with the establishment, for the first time, of rules and staffing and renewal procedures of the KEPA Special Medical Corps. It is even worth pointing out that for twelve years, since the creation of KEPA, the Body of Doctors has never been established. The former doctors of the former IKA remained and continue to be evaluators in the committees. The consequence of this was that the Corps could not be enriched with new specialties and younger doctors, while the possibilities for training and education have proven to be practically non-existent.

Within days, the required ministerial decisions are expected through which a Special Body of KEPA Doctors will be established and the entry and exit procedures from it will be defined. Specifically, they will provide for the creation of a register of doctors in which one is registered after the successful completion of training, while continuous evaluation and training are foreseen. For the first time, in fact, the participation of doctors with a pediatric specialty will also be foreseen, as there are not a few minors with disabilities who go through KEPA.

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