Why does the STOP sign have 8 corners?

Why does the STOP sign have 8 corners?
Why does the STOP sign have 8 corners?

For the KOK, the violation of the STOP is not considered simply a violation, but a dangerous driving behavior that entails – among other things – a very large fine.

The STOP signs are found at many road intersections and are considered the most important road signs since they play a role crucial role in the prevention of traffic accidents.

The STOP sign “owes” its creation to Harry Jackson, a chief constable from Detroit, USA, who in 1915 was acting as a traffic warden on a busy street in the city. Outraged by the almost non-existent visibility at intersections and the high frequency of accidents, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

He took a rectangular piece of plywood, cut the corners, giving it a distinct shape and after wrote STOP in the center of it, placed it on the road. Overjoyed, Harry Jackson quickly found that the sign had done the most to reduce accidents.


A year later, STOP signs were also adopted by Michigan, and over the years they began to… sprout in many roads of the world, attracting the attention of drivers.

Why is it octagonal?

Today, in the vast majority of countries in the world it has been established octagonal shape of STOP signs, because they should be different from all other road signs, attracting the eyes of the drivers.

At the same time, its shape helps the sign to be made distinguishable not only from the drivers who encounter it and are obliged to stop, but also from the other drivers coming from opposite directions.

Remember that the STOP sign is mandatory mandatory stopping of the vehicle in the place of the sign and the no rebootuntil the driver is satisfied that he can do so without risk.

In any case, we must not forget that for KOK, the violation of STOP is considered one of the more serious offenses and dangerous driving behaviours.


It is provided for offenders fine of 700 euroswhile at the same time their driver’s license and vehicle plates are taken away for 20 days.

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