“Recycling” becomes… Saving for eagle-eyed people

“Recycling” becomes… Saving for eagle-eyed people
“Recycling” becomes… Saving for eagle-eyed people

Elevator prices that go up and down according to the “Recycle-Change Device” check the market presents.

In such a way that a program that was (supposedly) designed to provide relief to households was turned into an opportunity for unjust enrichment and consumer fraud.

Some businessmen and importers of the “white goods” sector that participate in the program (refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners), shape the prices according to the… check of the Greek State. And “Recycle” instead of Save (energy) becomes pure… I save and encapsulate public and private resources of some eagles!

In the market, companies participating in the program have increased prices of up to 65%, which absorbs the entire “Recycling” check paid by the Greek and European taxpayer. While dumb companies that do not participate in the program, offer the good old prices…

In this particular case, a Samsung refrigerator RT5OK633PSL no frost, 504 liters, Silver, dimensions 178.5x79x77 costs 1,369 euros in a large chain. And after the discount, it “offers” 1,149 euros. (See first photo).

The exact same product in a neighborhood store (in this case, in a store in B. Pyrros in Arta) is given for 828 euros. (Second and third photo). In this case, the neighborhood store does not participate in the “Recycling” program because “it is not in our interest,” he told us.



In this case, the chain has an initial price (1,369 euros) increased by 65.33% in relation to the neighborhood store (which, as is known, cannot achieve the best prices due to small turnover and small orders).

And after the sale, the chain has prices increased by 40%. It demands 321 euros more than the neighborhood store. Essentially, the chain aims to grab the entire recycling check (about 350 euros depending on the social criteria and economic situation of the household).

The “predators” of the sector found an opportunity to steal from consumers, allegedly showing opportunities to buy products, but also the taxpayers who pay the “Recycle” check.

In the end, the so-called business of energy-economic support for households in the midst of sweeping accuracy in the market, but also of easing the consumption of imported fuels ended up in a “grab” for the eagle-eyed. Due to the passive attitude of the government and the Ministry of Development (A. Georgiadis) towards the oligopolies who seem to be the ones who submit-dictate the rules and trample on any concept of competition.

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