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“Bomb” in the market: A large supermarket chain was sold

“Bomb” in the market: A large supermarket chain was sold
“Bomb” in the market: A large supermarket chain was sold

Super Market: The landscape in the supermarket market is changing as “KRITIKOS” proceeds with the acquisition of a large chain!

The acquisition of the supermarket group “Associating Grocers S.A.” announced ANEDIK KRITIKOS, significantly strengthening its presence in Northern Greece and Crete and adding to its workforce, the group’s 52 corporate stores, as well as the management of the brands Hellenic Market, Proodos Market, Helios Market and Quick, together with the wide network of their 300 stores.

As part of its development strategy, the company aims to be present in every neighborhood of Greece and to cover the needs of households even in remote villages.

“Thus fulfilling the promise “every day by your side” and the company’s vision to care every day and support the local market, local suppliers, customers and employees and, ultimately, the local communities”, says the announcement of ANEDHK Kritikos .

Supermarkets: The big competitor that brings concern

Carrefour is here to stay and continues its expansion throughout Greece!

A total of 11 Carrefour stores now operate in Greece, as the supermarket chain proceeded to open six new stores.

The new Carrefour stores were created in Thassos – 2 Carrefour Express and Carrefour Market type stores – in Thessaloniki, where the first Carrefour Express store operates, in Kamari and Oia Santorini with Carrefour Express and Carrefour Market stores respectively and in Kos, where it was inaugurated the first Carrefour Market store on the island.

In parallel with the development plan of the network in the region, the first store in Attica is being built, in Piraeus, which will start operating in the coming weeks, marking the expansion of the Carrefour network in the urban centers.

The company’s goal is to create an extensive network of stores throughout Greece, which will include 25 Carrefour Market and Carrefour Express stores, properly adapted to the conditions of each local market.

The Carrefour store network is developed in Greece by Retail and More, a subsidiary of the Globalsat – Teleunicom Group, which undertook, after a relevant agreement with the French company, the return of Carrefour to the Greek market.

The Globalsat – Teleunicom Group of companies leads the Greek market in the distribution and marketing of technology products and home appliances and small appliances, and at the same time develops and provides specialized professional solutions, utilizing new technologies.

The Group has exclusive partnerships with leading international brands, such as Samsung, Huawei, TCL and Sencor, and cooperates with all companies in the telecommunications and technology sector, as well as with all retail networks in Greece and Cyprus.

In 2020, the Globalsat – Teleunicom Group started its collaboration with Blink Charging Hellas, undertaking, as a commercial agent, the development of the network of Blink electric car charging stations in Greece, while a few months ago it announced through Retail and More, the conclusion of the agreement for the resumption of Carrefour operations in the Greek market.

Supermarket: New era from Carrefour

A new era in supermarkets as cashiers will be a thing of the past and consumers will buy what they want in express time!

The “green light” for sales has reportedly been given by the Carrefour company with sales being said to be “going great”. It should be noted that the company has been actively operating 5 stores based in Greece since last April. The stores of the Carrefour company are “ripping” with the company planning immediate expansion with improved services such as shopping in 10 seconds.

The first stores operated in Zakynthos (2 stores) and Halkidiki (3 stores), while the expansion plan continues normally, with the aim of opening new stores every month. The next ones are also expected in areas with intense tourist traffic, they will operate in a few days, while they will belong to the Carrefour Market & Carrefour Express store types, just like those in Zakynthos and Halkidiki.

Carrefour Markets are stores with a larger area that can be “located” both in urban centers and in the periphery, offering a wide range of fresh and local products, while Carrefour Express have the character of convenience stores and can meet the needs of the world both in neighborhoods, as well as in city centers.

The remaining types of stores that will be developed in the second year concern Carrefour Bio, which offers 100% organic and ecological products, SUPECO, which are parking discount stores – a type of store that provides a selected range of products that cover all consumer needs at the best market prices that will be created at the entrances of major urban centers – but also the Carrefour Flash 10/10.

It is a type of fully automated, small-area stores that Carrefour creates in urban centers, with a key feature of the lack of cash registers and the possibility given to the customer to be served quickly, following the 10/10 philosophy, “10 seconds to shop and 10 seconds to pay.”

Based on the plans and in parallel with the development plan of the network in the region, the first corporate store in Athens is being built, which is expected to start operating by next September, marking the expansion of the Carrefour network in the urban centers. After all, the main goal of the overall development plan is the creation of 25 stores by 2022.

It should be noted that the Carrefour store network is developed by Retail and more, a subsidiary of the Teleunicom-Globalsat group, which, after a relevant agreement with the French company, undertook the return of Carrefour to the Greek market.

Supermarkets: Carrefour promises prices on the… floors!

Carrefour Market and Carrefour Express as well as Carrefour Bio and SUPECO will open. The latter are active in the soft discount store category, where Lidl dominates in our country.

The chain made its appearance 10 years ago and in a few words replaced DIA while now it is rapidly fighting back.

According to what we know, the prices that SUPECO will launch products will be 10% cheaper than LIDL.

As mentioned in the announcement, it is “a type of store that provides a selected range of products that meet all the needs of consumers at the best market prices, which will be created at the entrances of major urban centers”.

Common elements with the German chain that has a presence in our country are the weekly offers on baazar items (clothes, household items, seasonal items, etc.), the hot corners with bakery products and the wide range of private label products.

Based on Carrefour group figures, bazzar products represent just 5%-6% of SUPECO’s sales.

Supermarkets: The trick to get them from us!

The people of the market call the new “game” used by the companies so that the price hikes do not end up in the consumer’s pocket a “trick”.
In particular, companies are proceeding to reduce the quantity of products and smaller packages, but the prices remain the same. The aim of this practice is to:

  • the reduction of waste
  • the handling-transportation of the products as well as the position on the shelf.

For example, dairy companies have reportedly already launched a smaller pack of feta while maintaining the price of the product. A similar move was made in the strained fiort and the snack companies. In this way they pass the extra charge on to the final price without it being immediately noticeable. This “game” with packaging and prices works psychologically for the consumer because although the cost per unit weight or unit volume increases, the retail price of the package is the same when he gets to pick it up on the shelf.

It is worth noting how this trend has been appearing in the international market for years.

The article is in Greek

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