It presents the first production car with a jet engine

It presents the first production car with a jet engine
It presents the first production car with a jet engine

First entry: Wednesday, August 31, 2022, 9:45 p.m

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This is the Hipercar her new project Ariel Motor, the first production car it will feature jet engine.

This particular original Ariel model was first introduced 5 years ago and it delivers 1,200 horsepower from four electric motors, while it reaches 100 kilometers from a standstill in less than two seconds. The jet at the back of the car is used for increasing autonomyas its role is to charge their battery 56 kWh and not to move the wheels.

Ariel director Simon Saunders said:

“We’ve done endless simulations and no matter how hard you drive on the road, the range increase can keep up, keep the battery charged. It is also extremely efficient: there is only one moving part and emissions are negligible. It’s powered by gasoline at the moment, but the long-term plan is to switch to hydrogen.”

The different spelling in the name “Hypercar”, is due to the brand’s philosophy of “High Performance Carbon Reduction”, i.e. the reduction, not of carbon fibers, but of high performance carbon. The frame is aluminum and most of the body parts are from 3D-printed panels.

Weighs 1,759but the company aims to reduce the weight below 1,500 kg with panels and wheels made of carbon fiber.

Simon Saunders adds:

“It’s important to be as light as possible. So we don’t have a huge battery and we try to save weight where we can. Obviously the interior is not finished but the feeling we want to give is “velvet Le Mans”.

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