The new Greek ship that will transport 4,900 cars

The new Greek ship that will transport 4,900 cars
The new Greek ship that will transport 4,900 cars

Within a few months, the Greek shipping company Neptune Lines has received 5 new ships that can transport a total of 24,600 cars.

Significant reinforcement has received in recent months the shipping company’s fleet Neptune Lineswhich is the only one in Hellas which manages pure car carriers, that is, ships that are used exclusively for the transport of cars and vehicles.

As Neptune Lines announced, its interests Melina Travlou, president of the Union of Greek Shipowners, recently received the Neptune Ethos, a Greek-flagged car transporter. He’s got transport capacity of 4,900 cars and year of manufacture in 2011.


“With a sense of progress and faith in our corporate vision, I welcome Neptune Ethos to our family! I wish good seas to the 19th member of our fleet, which carries the Greek flag!”, said Melina Travlou through her publication.

The imposing ship Neptune Ethos is not the only recent addition to the Greek shipping company’s fleet, founded in 1973 by Nikolaos Travlos. The Neptune Ethos is the 5th addition in a row from May until today.

It started on May 24, when the company welcomed it Neptune Phoscarrying capacity 3,900 vehicles. It was built 2009 with the flag of Malta, it has a draft of 8.7m and its overall length and breadth are 168m and 28m respectively.

Followed, on June 1, the Neptune Kallos, carrying capacity 3,900 vehicles, which had been built the 2010, also with Maltese flag. Its total length is 168 meters and its width is 28 meters.


Neptune Barcelona

An important moment for the company was its receipt brand new ship Neptune Barcelona, carrying capacity 7,000 vehicles, in the context of an event on July 12 at a shipyard in Rijeka, in the presence, among others, of Croatian Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković, and Minister of Finance and Sustainable Development, Davor Filipovic, as well as his Greek Minister of Shipping and Insular Policy, Yannis Plakiotakis.


It is worth noting that the ship Neptune Barcelona was designed and built by 3.Maj, a European shipbuilding company with a rich history in building ships, including car carriers that comply with the highest safety standards.

With length 200 meters, Neptune Barcelona is the Neptune Lines largest shipbeing able to carry up to 7,000 passenger cars. The ship adopts the latest technologies and carries lightweight deck materials to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Soon it will carry the Greek flag.

It was followed, on July 21, by the Greek flag Neptune Tharroswith a transport capacity of 4,900 vehicles, and is its sister ship Neptune Ethos, having year of manufacture in 2011.

It is worth noting that with these recent ship additions, Neptune Lines’ fleet now numbers 19 shipsthereby enhancing its service provision.


Neptune Lines provides marine vehicle transportation services to approx 19 countries, mainly in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Black Sea.

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