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One of the few undeveloped plots on the Poseidonos Beach Avenue at the height of Glyfada, which due to its position could also be described as a “fillet”, is scheduled to be released in hammer the next period.

The plot belongs to the company “Papathanos S.A.” and the auction, with urgent Piraeus Bankwill take place, -if there are no preventive actions until then-, on November 11.

The plot is located in the area near the golf course Glyfadaon Poseidon Avenue, downstream towards Piraeus, and pat a distance of about 200 meters from the Holy Church of Agios Konstantinos.

It comes from the joining of two neighboring plots and occupies an area according to a recent and more accurate count 2,344.15 sq.m. and according to the land register 2,314 sq.m.

In the past there was an old building from the 1960s inside it that has been demolished, while today it is unbuilt and has a frontage to the southwest on a side 54.35 meters long on Poseidonos Avenue and to the northwest on a side 40.34 meters long on Iatro Liuga Street.

It is even and buildable, the building factor equals 0.80 and the coverage factor 1/3.

The amount for which the attachment was imposed is 1 million euros (part of the total claim) and the first offer price is set at 5,798,000 euros.

The property was acquired by the company in 2009 and today it is fenced with a reinforced concrete wall and on the facades on Liuga Street and Poseidonos Avenue above the wall it has sheet metal and iron bars.

On the plot there isnote for 6 million euros in favor of Piraeus Bank from 4/2/2010, promissory note in its favor for an amount of 1 million euros from 16/2/2011, compulsory seizure for 300,000 euros in favor of Piraeus Bank on 17/5/2019 and a second compulsory seizure in its favor for 1 million euros, on 31/3/2022.

The market situation

According to the appraisal report, in the wider area of ​​Glyfada Golf (but not in positions directly in front of the boundaries of the Golf), even and buildable plots with a building factor equal to 0.80, are sold mainly between €1,700-2,700.00 / sq.m. (asking prices), while modern-newly built apartments (built in 2020 and newer), of luxurious construction, in the same area between €6,000-9,000/sq.m.

The store in the center of Glyfada

On the same day, on November 11one more is planned auction at the expense of “Papathanos S.A.” and again with urgent Piraeus Bank and with first offer price 1,143,000 euros.

It concerns a corner store on the ground floor in a building built in the period 1999-2001, which is developed on two levels and has facades on B. Georgiou B’ and Laodiki streets. The ground floor part has an area of ​​101 sq.m. and the store owns for exclusive use a parking space on the uncovered surface of 32.70 sq.m. which has an independent entrance from Laodikis Street as well as an uncovered plot area of ​​32.80 sq.m.

It operates in this particular space today health care store (wine bar) while, as established by the autopsy, the part of the uncovered space has been closed and functions as a continuous area of ​​the store, while a loft area of ​​64.94 sq.m. which is connected by an internal staircase to the interior of the shop.

The property is located at the north-eastern end of its central commercial core Glyfada, at a distance of two building blocks from Zisimopoulos and Nymphon squares which form the central commercial zone of the city, with an emphasis on dining areas which gather a large number of visitors on a daily basis.

According to the assessment report, the rental values ​​of commercial ground floor premises located in the wider area near Hesperidon Square they generally range between €35-70 / sq.m. reduced ground floor area.

The said property was acquired by the company in 2005 and attachment was made for Rs 175,000 euros (part of the total claim).
And that brings preliminary note for an amount of 6.24 million euros in favor of Piraeus Bank since 13/7/2006, as well as two forced seizures in favor of the same, on 17/5/2019 for 100,000 euros and on 31/3/2022 for 175,000 euros.

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