Alfa Romeo secures its past, present and future

Alfa Romeo secures its past, present and future
Alfa Romeo secures its past, present and future

The “Alfa Romeo Classiche” program is an important and interesting venture for the brand, in all aspects of which its top management is personally involved.

Its purpose is to protect and highlight the enviable history of Alfa Romeo, which includes legendary and equally exciting models in its 113 years of history.

The committee that certifies the program’s services is headed by Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Phillipe Imparato and the head of the classic car sector, with the support of the Alfa Romeo Museum. The latter also keeps the complete file with the data and technical documents of the cars that the committee is asked to examine and certify.

The program operates in three directions, through respective processes: The first is the “Certification of Origin” with which the brand allows anyone interested, through the chassis number, to discover the history of all cars produced from 2016 onwards.

Before certification, the validity of each car’s documents is thoroughly verified through the company’s file, so its original configuration, exact specifications, engine serial number and any particularities of the equipment are absolutely clear.

The second is called “Certificate of Authenticity” and in order to obtain it, each car goes through a very strict inspection and evaluation process. A specially trained team checks the authenticity of the car and individual components, as well as the proper functioning of the main mechanical parts before giving the green light.

The specific process takes place in the Mirafiori Officine Classiche workshops, at the customer’s home or at one of the Stellantis & You centers located in Rome or Palermo.

Also of great importance is the “Restoration Service”, which is provided by the same team that oversees the classic models. The technicians, upon agreement with the customer, undertake tasks ranging from simple maintenance to complete restoration. In other words, from diagnosis of problems, to total repair of mechanical parts and bodywork, including of course the final check with a test on the road that guarantees the result.

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