Unconscious, they park on a sidewalk in Kifissia


Unconscious drivers decided to park their vehicles on the sidewalk on Kolokotroni Street in Kifissia. The cars were spotted parked at noon on Sunday in front of a well-known restaurant in the area and a popular hangout for big names, but the incident has, however, been repeated many times in the past.

Kifisia may be one of the areas of Athens that has a parking problem, but there are plenty of parking lots where one could leave one’s vehicle instead of blocking the footpath through which crowds of people pass, especially on the weekend.

In fact, the specific sidewalk of Kolokotroni Street has special markings for people with visual impairments, which means that illegal parking on the spot puts their physical integrity at risk.

The phenomenon is frequent outside the specific branded restaurant, with the sidewalk being intentionally used as a parking space for customers’ vehicles while the Kifissia Police does not take the necessary measures by imposing the prescribed penalties on the drivers, allowing the problem to perpetuate itself.

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