Supplementary pension for everyone with 15 years of age

Supplementary pension for everyone with 15 years of age
Supplementary pension for everyone with 15 years of age

Upon completion of 15 years of insurance, the insured of the State and the wider public sector establish the right to issue a supplementary pension, as provided for in a provision of the mini-relief bill presented by the Minister of Labour, Adonis Georgiadis.

According to the minister, the goal is to reduce the outstanding supplementary pensions to 30,000 from the 42,000 that are now. About 12,000-13,000 insured persons of the public sector and the wider public sector benefit from this provision.

The bill also clarifies that the treatment will from now on only concern persons with an active AMKA in order to prevent misuse of the services. “There are people who come to Greece only to be treated and to be prescribed medicine,” said Mr. Georgiadis.

“Currently the overdue supplementary pensions are about 40,000. With a provision that will soon come to the Parliament, the IKA rule will be applied to all insured persons, setting as a condition the completion of 15 years of supplementary insurance contributions either to an institution or with successive insurance, which currently only applies to the former IKA-ETAM, and not with the conditions stipulated by each former Fund”, said Mr. Tsakloglou speaking to ERT.

In particular, with this provision, it will allow the insured persons of the State to receive an auxiliary pension with a fast track procedure, setting as a minimum limit 15 years (4,500 marks), either with an organization or with consecutive insurance. In practice, it is estimated that with the activation of the provision, almost the entire stock of outstanding State auxiliaries (about 13,000-14,000) will be cleared within 30 days.

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