Tesla’s dirty secret exposed – What the employees revealed

Tesla’s dirty secret exposed – What the employees revealed
Tesla’s dirty secret exposed – What the employees revealed

Tesla employees say publicly that the time pressure they are under often causes them to not fully fix potential problems with the cars coming out of the Gigafactories.

It is already known that any Tesla employee cannot keep up with the company’s fast pace of production, not only cannot hope for an increaseBut it is faced with the risk of dismissal.


So, as it states one of the company’s engineers in the Danish Dagens Arbete (a magazine for members of various Danish trade unions), often ship the cars to their buyers with risk of a defect because they don’t have the time to check them thoroughly or fix them any problems that may have arisen from production. “We send them anyway”a Tesla employee said.

As the publication states, Tesla engineers have specific time frames for fixing problems. They are given a maximum of one hour to identify problems, but often this is not enough. And that’s it to the detriment of both employees and buyers.

The former risk to lose their bonus if they spend too much time with each car and it appears on paper that “they don’t have optimal productivity”, and the latter to get a new car with defects. This is something that Dagens Arbete confirmed by talking to several Tesla employees, but the company – as always – she was not available for comment on the subject.


As one employee said, a new car coming off the production line “may have a bug that appears and disappears. Then you have to sit down and find all the cables and measure all the connections etc. so that takes a lot of time.”.

So, for problems that are not immediately obvious and clear it may take many hours – hours that the employees do not have because if they do they will lose the bonus and they will even risk being dismissed as not productive enough.

According to the publication, Tesla evaluates engineers every six months about achieving their goals, and rates on a scale of 1-5. From this year, the company’s policy links this grading to the salary scale, and so those who receive a grade of 3 and below do not receive increases and various bonuses.


And those with grade 1 face the risk of dismissal.Then a conversation with the human resources department starts, and you have a problem.” another company official said. And so, it is not uncommon for many of the new cars that go to the repair department to are sent to their buyers without any problem being resolved – at least not thoroughly.

And another employee confirms it: “We received a clear order from our boss to send the cars before they were completely ready. Otherwise we will not be able to achieve our productivity goals”. Besides, no additional time is provided for technicians to learn the ever-evolving and complex electrical and electronic systems of the cars. This is something they should do in their spare time.

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