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5 SUVs with zero fees and daily “freedom” in the ring

5 SUVs with zero fees and daily “freedom” in the ring
5 SUVs with zero fees and daily “freedom” in the ring

carandmotor offers you 5 of the best B-SUVs on the market, which do not pay road tax and can move on the ring without restrictions.

For most car owners, the traffic fees that are posted every year on such days on the AADE platform, come to add another financial headache to them. Not often, their payment significantly affects the family budget depending of course also on the increased running costs that the car has on an annual basis.

But there are also the lucky ones, those who own a car that emits less or up to 122 grams of CO2 per kilometer according to the WLTP standard, who are fully exempt from this annual obligation.


carandmotor reviews these cars in the hottest segment of the market right now, the B-SUVs, and recommends you 5 models with this special and privileged feature. And we are not talking about cars or versions that have nothing else to offer beyond zero fees, but about cars that, among other things, may have increased performance and sportiness at all levels.

A special feature of them, as you will see, is that they differ in the technology of their engines, however, they have as a common denominator the fact that their price does not exceed 25,000 euros.

1. Ford Puma mHEV

The Ford Puma is one of the best cars in its class, standing out for its dynamic aesthetic profile, the its modern and spacious interior and its strongly driver-centric character. In its range Ford there are two versions of the Puma that are exempt from road tax and they are its basic Titanium version and the sportier ST-Line version.


The first emits 122 gr of CO2/km according to the WLTP standard and costs from 23,995 euros with a discount, while the second marginally exceeds the limit we set, with a price of 25,313 euros. Both are supplied with the 1,000 hp EcoBoost engine of 125 hp which is combined with a mild hybrid drive system and a 6-speed manual transmission.

  • Puma 1.0 EcoBoost mHEV 125PS, Titanium, (122 gr CO2/km): From 23,995 euros
  • Puma 1.0 EcoBoostm HEV 125PS, ST-Line, (121 gr CO2/km): From 25,313 euros

2. Renault Captur LPG


THE Renault shows particular sensitivity in reducing the pollutants of its models, which is perfectly reflected in the case of the Captur. Renault’s stylish B-SUV with the practical and spacious interior and the comfortable driving character, also stands out for its wide and ecological range. It is the only B-SUV that has both a hybrid and a Plug-In Hybrid version in the class, and although both of these versions are more expensive than the limit we have set, there is still another version of the Captur that makes the difference and is among the our recommended options.

It is the Captur LPG that consumes gasoline and LPG and with CO2 emissions of 119 gr/km is exempted from the payment of road tax. The Captur LPG in the basic version equilibre plus costs from 23,810 euros and equipped with a three-cylinder turbo engine 999 cc. which produces 100 hp and is combined with a 6-speed manual transmission.


  • Captur 1.0 TCe 100 PS LPG, equilibre (119-121 gr CO2/km): From 23,810 euros
  • Captur 1.0 TCe 100 PS LPG, equilibre Plus (119-121 gr CO2/km): From 24,660 euros


A very valuable model in the B-SUV category that does not have to pay road tax is the SEAT Arona. The Arona stands out for its pleasant character with dynamic elements, its good spaces and the excellent price-value ratio of its publications.


Among them we distinguish the conventional petrol versions with the 1.0 lt. TSI engine of 110 hp which emit less than 122 gr CO2/km and pay no road tax, as well as its CNG versions with a 90-horsepower engine that consume gasoline and natural gas and pay no fees. Arona prices start at 21,390 euros and 20,890 euros respectively for its conventional and CNG versions.

  • Arona 1.0 ECO TSI 110 PS, Style (119 gr CO2/km): From 21,390 euros
  • Arona 1.0 ECO TSI 110 PS, Optimum (120 gr CO2/km): From 22,290 euros
  • Arona 1.0 ECO TSI 110 PS, Xperience (120 gr CO2/km): From 24,590 euros
  • Arona 1.0 ECO TSI 110 PS, FR (121 gr CO2/km): From 23,990 euros
  • Arona 1.0 TGI CNG 90 PS, Style (103 gr CO2/km): From 20,890 euros
  • Arona 1.0 TGI CNG 90 PS, Optimum (103 gr CO2/km): From 21,790 euros

4. Suzuki Vitara 48V

Her Vitara Suzuki is one of the strongest names in the category, which is mainly due to its presentation and capabilities both on and off-road, its good prices and the rich range of editions available. The Vitara is also one of the cars that does not need to pay road tax in its basic mild hybrid version, since it emits in its two-wheel drive versions from 119 gr CO2/km.


The Vitara is equipped with a 1.4 lt engine that produces 129 hp and combined with a 48-volt mild hybrid system and a 6-speed gearbox, with prices starting at 19,580 euros. It is certainly worth noting that the purely hybrid but also more expensive versions of the Vitara are exempt from road tax.

  • Vitara 1.4 Mild Hybrid 48V 129 PS, GL (119-121gr CO2/km): From 19,580 euros
  • Vitara 1.4 Mild Hybrid 48V 129 PS, GL+ (119-121 gr CO2/km): From 22,030 euros
  • Vitara 1.4 Mild Hybrid 48V 129 PS, GLX (119-121 gr CO2/km): From 24,930 euros

5. Toyota Yaris Cross


THE Toyota is the company that has managed to put hybrid technology in every home, which it continues to do convincingly with the Yaris Cross. The most popular B-SUV is the only car on our list to be equipped with a hybrid drive system and it is obviously one of the most valuable cars in the category.

It stands out for its aesthetics, its practicality, its ease of use and its pleasant driving profile, while constant value for a Toyota model remains the high reliability index and the efficiency of its hybrid system. The combination of the thermal engine of 1.5 lt. and the electric motor produces 116 hp and the transmission is e-CVT, with the prices of the front-wheel drive Yaris Cross starting at 23,230 euros.

  • Yaris Cross 1.5 Hybrid 116PS, Active (100 gr CO2/km): From 23,230 euros
  • Yaris Cross 1.5 Hybrid 116PS, Active Plus (101 gr CO2/km): From 24,230 euros

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