DYPA: Support of 1,437 euros with one application

DYPA: Support of 1,437 euros with one application
DYPA: Support of 1,437 euros with one application

Financial aid amount 1,437 euros will receive in the form of an allowance, will be received by those registered in the DYPA registers (t. OAED). The application platform has opened. See until when interested parties can submit it.

This is an aid that will be given for three months after the end of the regular subsidy and will be given in three equal installments amounting to 479 euros.

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Applications will be submitted from November 1st to February 28th (29th) by the beneficiaries at the DYPA branches in the respective regions, after an Unemployment Notice has been issued first. The start date of the subsidy depends on the date of submission of the application.

DYPA: They will see their bills increased by 479 euros

The above allowance concerns insured persons who have been employed for a specific (critical) period as tour guides and it is possible to receive a regular unemployment allowance under special conditions regulated by YA 34061/12.11.99.

TWO: Conditions

The Regular Unemployment Subsidy for the special category of Guides is granted, subject to the following conditions:

have the status of a tour guide at the time of the subsidy (i.e. have an identity card for professional tour guides)

have performed at least one hundred (100) notional days of insurance in the industry during the calendar year preceding the provision (critical period)

their annual individual income (not family) from salaried services during the tax year preceding the subsidy does not exceed a certain amount, which is increased by €293.47 each year. For the tax year 2022 the income limit amounts to €18,782.10,

have the status of unemployed on the date of submitting the application for a subsidy (not employed by another employer, not self-employed, capable and available on the labor market), without requiring the presentation of a termination/termination of employment form, because the EOT is liable to of e-EFKA employer’s obligations towards them and insures them in a fictitious manner

DYPA: When the start and when the payment of the allowance

For the start of the subsidy, the exact period in which the application was submitted plays an important role:

If the application is submitted between 01.11 and 31.12, the subsidy starts on 01.12.

If the application is submitted from 01.01 to 28(29).02, the subsidy starts on the date of submission of the application.


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