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Digital job card – Universal application in 2024

Digital job card – Universal application in 2024
Digital job card – Universal application in 2024

Year of universal application in 2024 for digital job card as announced by the Minister of Labor and Social Security Adonis Georgiades visiting a central supermarket in Athens where he observed how the employees applied the card.

From January 1, 2024, the application begins in retail and industry with the last application in the catering industry.

The Ministry will have a dialogue with all productive sectors and detailed guides will be issued for the implementation in each sector even for those employed remotely.

Mr. Georgiadis emphasized the advantages of the application for businesses, which is the reduction of bureaucracy, since with the card, the presentation of the schedule is abolished, as the Digital Cardcaptures the employee’s hours in real time.

At the same time, the bet of tax evasion and undeclared or undeclared work can be won by applying the Digital Work Card to all businesses, the minister said.

The application is very positive for the employee. As employees emphasized “the application is easy and they feel safe as the system ERGANI has direct knowledge of their timekeeping, actual pay and insurance contributions.”

Reporting: Dimitra Kyriazi

The article is in Greek

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