They are illegally auctioning the house of an 83-year-old cancer patient

They are illegally auctioning the house of an 83-year-old cancer patient
They are illegally auctioning the house of an 83-year-old cancer patient

An 83-year-old cancer patient in Koukaki is at risk of finding herself on the street, as the doValue funds company is putting her first residence under the hammer tomorrow, without even meeting the basic requirements of the law, as her lawyer complains.

A report by “Ethnos” cites the elderly woman’s advocate, Kostas Flega, stating that the confiscation has been rejected in the Land Registry for formal reasons and is not registered. “However, under the law, an auction cannot proceed without it, even if it was registered in the old mortgage register“, points out Mr. Flegas.

The process is still proceeding with fast track procedures and despite the fact that an out-of-court letter has been sent, with which the investment company is informed of the most serious irregularities in the process, the auction of November 1st will take place as usual. Bypassing the legal route is what essentially makes the auction illegal, according to the 83-year-old’s lawyer.

It is noted that the value of her first home was estimated at 170,000 euros, however, it is being auctioned for part of her debt, and is priced at 24,000 euros, the report states.

The lawyer of the elderly woman in the previous period also contacted the notary, while also sending an extrajudicial letter to her creditor, the Frontier fund. “Although we have informed DoValue and National Bank with an extrajudicial declaration, with which the Land Registry sheet of the Athens Land Registry was also shared, which proves that the seizure has been rejected by the Land Registry and the seizure of her property has not been registered in the Land Registry, the creditor of (Fund Frontier) is auctioning off her only residence for a debt of approximately 24,000 Euros. In addition, we have also informed by extrajudicial declaration that her application as a vulnerable natural person is pending and the creditor should have waited for the outcome of the application“, emphasizes the lawyer.

Daily harassment

Her lawyer complains that his client receives daily visits from lawyers and brokers who repeat questions about the imminent execution of the decision to auction her house.

And this while they know the difficult situation the 83-year-old’s health is in due to cancer.

Mobilization of PAME

In mobilization, at 1.30 p.m., outside the offices of doValue (at the Kallithea Electric station), PAME is calling tomorrow against public housing auctions. In his statement he states that it is the residence of a teacher and a builder.

“The fight for the protection of public housing continues. Every day the Commission against PAME auctions receives dozens of complaints from debtors from all over the country. The phenomenon is becoming more and more intense, more and more loans are going “red” due to accuracy and interest rate increases, while wages remain stagnant. But no one seems to be “red-faced” by the government that has left the debtors at the mercy of the management companies that proceed unhindered in auctions. Whatever announcements are made to put a barrier on the profligacy of the funds do not protect the people’s homes, but the profits of the banks”. PAME notes.

“The struggle we are doing brings results. We invite the debtors to contact their unions and the Ebitterness and through the mass popular struggle to defend the residence”, he adds.

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