Stock Market: The 4+1 stocks with earnings, dividends and stories

Stock Market: The 4+1 stocks with earnings, dividends and stories
Stock Market: The 4+1 stocks with earnings, dividends and stories

The market does not ultimately expect everything from the banks, although the month that started today, November, will be decisive for developments in the sector.

Titan TITC 1.69% 18.00 and OPAP OPAP 0.56% 16.09 and Mytileneos MYTIL -0.11% 34.94 Cenergy CENER 1.10% 6.41 and Aegean ARR -2.13% 10.12 they “reminded” yesterday that the market continues to have options, companies with low valuations (single digit or close to 10 p/e for these) and generous dividend policy.

Over 1 million pieces changed hands in OPAP OPAP 0.56% 16.09 at the moment when everything shows that the seller of the previous days is over, taking a position in view of the cutting of the new dividend of 1 euro per share, tomorrow Thursday.

The management of the Organization is particularly consistent, with OPAP OPAP 0.56% 16.09 to have assured its shareholders, that for the next decade they will receive a minimum of 1 euro per year.

Of the few shares of the 25-year-old that closed with profits in October, even against 0.9%returning to the area of ​​16 euros.

Her management Titan had given estimates for the period 2023-26 aiming to achieve sales of 3 billion euros, average annual EBITDA growth of more than 10%basic earnings per share of 3 euros and net debt/EBITDA between 1.5 and 2 times.

At 17.70 euros and +4.86% with a volume of over 70 thousand pieces.

Titan canceled the losses recorded during the month, returning to 17.70 euros.

First consecutive bullish session for the Mytilene MYTIL -0.11% 34.94 from 10/25, yesterday.

And in this company case, the seller appears to have completed his moves culminating in -4% on 26/10, announcement day of a strong set of financial figures for the group in the third 3 months and 9 months of the current fiscal year.

Over 340 thousand pieces changed hands yesterday with the paper returning to 35.22 euros to finally close at 34.98.

She has fanatical fans Cenergy of the Stasinopoulos family.

Closing yesterday at the highest levels since… 3/10, trading 435 thousand pieces and while the management of the company was yesterday in Frankfurt as part of the roadshow organized by the A.H.A. for the mid-cap.

Its financial performance Cenergy CENER 1.10% 6.41 the last two years have been impressive and this is expected to continue.

In fact, Euroxx in its report at the end of September gave a target price of 8 euros and predicted that the company would record an annual EBITDA growth rate of around 11% the period 2022-2028, with the return on invested funds exceeding 15%.

In fact, it called the stock one of the best-performing stocks in the Athens Stock Exchangenoting that it is up 109% year-to-date, although it started from an extremely low base.

The significant increase in profitability fully justifies the resumption of coverage.

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