What THEON SENSORS & SCYTALYS presented at DSEI 2023


THE THEON SENSORS and the SCYTALYShis companies EFA GROUPparticipated in the exhibition DSEI 2023, held in London, September 12-15, 2023, showcasing (in Hall 1, Stand 215), a wide range of cutting-edge products, systems and technology solutions that help address the modern and emerging operational needs of the armed forces.

THEON SENSORS: new products & new optronics solutions for more integrated connectivity of the modern soldier

THE THEON SENSORS at DSEI, where characterized as one of the largest international exhibitions in the field of defense and security, presented a rich portfolio of portable equipment products including monocular night vision instruments (ARGUS), binocular night vision instruments (ARGUS PANOPTES, NYX, MIKRON-D), stand-alone appendices (ARTEMIS, DAMEN), as well as a comprehensive range of thermal systems (THERMIS & THERMIS MK2).

Applications of larger electro-optical and thermal systems for platforms and vehicles dominated this report, with products such as night driving periscopes (TITANS), thermal night driving periscopes (THERMÓN) and the night and day targeting/tracking digital camera (URANIA) used in armored vehicles for many years.

In addition, the company took the next step in cross-platform applications by introducing the family TALOS, and specifically the TALOS MRher first stabilized multi-sensor system which was officially presented during the DSEI exhibition London 2023. The TALOS MR it can be used either as a fixed ground surveillance system, or integrated into vehicles as a ground mobile observation/recognition system, while it can to be integrated into shipboard systems offering a complete solution for marine and marine operational requirements. The TALOS MR is the “leader” of a family of EO/IR multi-sensor systems that will follow in the coming months and will be aimed at servicing equipment of all kinds of platforms.

The second area in which THEON SENSORS invests and develops new technologies is the mix (thermal and night) image and augmented reality systems (Augmented Reality -AR) for the company’s range of portable product solutions.

THE Philippe Mennicken, Business Development Director, THEON SENSORSemphasized: “The range of thermal imaging systems THERMISfor which THEON SENSORS already has a contract with its Ministry of Defense United Kingdomis able to connect to battle management systems (BMS), As the MIMS Ranger her SCYTALYS or the ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit), via wired and wireless connection. These products combine THEON SENSORS’ expertise and long history in night vision and thermal imaging, while adding an AR component that enables the interconnection of its systems THEON SENSORS with BMSthus offering sophisticated optronics solutions for a more complete interconnection of the modern soldier”.

SCYTALYS: integration of defense systems from air, sea, land platforms

The numerous visitors to her booth SCYTALYS they had the opportunity to meet up close the family Maritime Surveillance Mission Management Systems (MIMS) and the Universal Link System tactical data multilink processor (ULS) Multi Data Link Processor (MDLP).

The MIMS system it can be a true force multiplier in the air, land and naval domains, supporting joint multi-domain operations through the integration and management of sensor and communications subsystems.

The technologically innovative ULS system of SCYTALYS for the collection, management and dissemination of processed digital information, with the aim of a common operational image through NATO protocols, differentiates itself from the competition, offering the Armed Forces full control of tactical information, the possibility of using a National data link “Λ” (Lamda link), protocol developed by SCYTALYS.

O George Menexis, CEO her SCYTALYS, said: “The company develops new smart interoperability solutions by integrating air, sea, land systems in all services. So it integrates corresponding perception aspects of Joint All-Domain Command & Control (JADC2) in systems such as: MIMS-C2, ULS, MIMS-Airborne, MIMS Ranger. In fact, part of the effort is to build a kind of “modular and extensible” interconnectivity between all the different platforms and systems in use today that were not designed to communicate with each other. The aim is to develop standards so that future systems are even more interoperable. Connecting capabilities that span different systems is clearly more difficult, but this is what intelligent interoperability will be based on in the future.” www.theon.com www.scytalys.com www.efagroup.eu

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