How much is gasoline sold in Libya?

How much is gasoline sold in Libya?
How much is gasoline sold in Libya?

One of the biggest problems with product accuracy is fuel prices. As they go up, everything goes up, creating problems for the family budget and not only that.

Already the price of 95 octane unleaded petrol has exceeded 2 euros per liter in many parts of Greece. A few days ago you also read a related article that it has even exceeded 2.35 euros at a Santorini gas station.

Of the 2 euros we pay at the gas station, 2/3 are almost taxes, while the rest… that remains is shared by refineries, transporters, gas station owners, etc. The price of gasoline and fuel is very high, but the taxes are even higher, which, with mathematical precision, the higher the price, the more the profits in the state coffers increase.

This phenomenon of accuracy is a pan-European phenomenon, but Greece is among the countries with the highest prices.

But have you ever wondered how much gas can cost in countries that have oil? In Dubai the price per liter is 0.84 euros per liter, while in Kuwait one liter is sold for 0.78 euros. The price of gasoline in Nigeria costs 0.35 euros while in Venezuela the liter is sold for 0.11 euros! In short, to fuel a daily car in Venezuela with a 60 liter fuel tank, you only need 6.6 euros. These are the prices we know for the above countries.

But there is still one that has oil, namely Libya. The African country is estimated to have reserves of nearly 50 billion barrels of crude oil, but due to the war, production fluctuates at just 1.2 million barrels per day.

Libya has the lowest price of unleaded petrol on the planet as the liter is sold for 0.035 euros or better 1000 liters are sold for 35 euros. The cost of gasoline in Libya is real but the problem is that it cannot be exported and sold outside the country. Those who travel to this place (many specific and for specific business because of the war) can buy fuel at this price!

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