Thessaloniki: Disruption of a criminal group that manufactured synthetic drugs

Thessaloniki: Disruption of a criminal group that manufactured synthetic drugs
Thessaloniki: Disruption of a criminal group that manufactured synthetic drugs

ELAS put an end to the action of a criminal group, which was manufacturing large quantities of synthetic cannabis in an illegal laboratory, based in Thessaloniki, after a major operation that culminated in the last two 24 hours with the arrest of its five alleged members.

The narcotics appear to have been sent by post and through courier companies to markets in Europe and America, following relevant orders received by the criminal group from potential buyers (recipients) on a special platform for exchanging encrypted messages, while financial transactions were settled using electronic wallets – cryptocurrencies.

Five men, four Greeks and one Albanian (aged 29, 35, 58, 39 and 28, respectively) were arrested as members of this group. The first two, according to an announcement by ELAS, are accused of being “masterminds”. The former accepted the orders and the latter prepared the drugs in the laboratory housed in a roof, in the center of Thessaloniki.

As it became known, the seizure – two months ago in Lithuania – of eight postal packages – coming from Thessaloniki – containing synthetic narcotic substances also mobilized the European prosecuting authorities. Police officers from the Department of General Affairs of the Narcotics Prosecution Sub-Directorate of Thessaloniki participated in the investigations to uncover the ring, while their Lithuanian colleagues, EUROPOL, as well as the American Narcotics Enforcement (DEA Athens) and employees of the State Chemistry Department participated in the investigations.

Drugs, weapons and 126,000 euros were seized

In the improvised and well-organized laboratory, as well as in a warehouse (in the area of ​​Triandria), and in other places investigated, 43 kilograms and 254 grams of synthetic cannabis in solid form, over 6 liters of synthetic cannabis in liquid form, about 2 kilograms of treated cannabis in chocolate form, 92.2 grams of raw cannabis and 17 narcotic tablets. In addition, two firearms – pistols, a stun-gas pistol, cartridges, non-volatile stun-gas cartridges, three cryptocurrency electronic wallets, 11 mobile phones, objects and equipment of a synthetic drug production laboratory and the sum of 126,220 euros were seized.

ELAS investigations are continuing to ascertain the full scope of the criminal organization’s illegal activities and any connections with other similar networks, while those arrested have been referred to the competent prosecutor for criminal prosecution.

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