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EFKA / Starts a pogrom of confiscations for the empty funds

EFKA / Starts a pogrom of confiscations for the empty funds
EFKA / Starts a pogrom of confiscations for the empty funds

The debts to the insurance funds are over 45 billion. Extraordinary business plan, in the target and the micro-philatelists

The Center for the Collection of Outstanding Contributions (KEAO) is trying to fill the empty coffers of the EFKA in order to pay off the current obligations, proceeding with a pogrom of confiscations and lawsuits against debtors whose debts have not been statute-barred.

Emergency business plan

The unconsidered debt to the EFKA exceeds 45 billion euros and the failure of the regulations (revival of the 72 and 120 installments, as well as the inclusion in the regulation of the 36-72 installments of debts created during the Covid-19 period) leads the KEAO to extraordinary and surprise measures a few days after the first ballot of the simple proportional and while the government and the competent Minister of Labor presented together with the appointed administration of EFKA prosperous finances and gave pre-election benefits. The emergency business plan of the KEAO focuses indiscriminately on all amounts, small and large, with the aim of collecting part of the debts.

The measures

Thus, depending on the amount of debts, compulsory measures will be applied, such as:

* For debts up to 30,000 euros, the debtors will be notified of the upcoming enforcement measures and if they do not settle their debts, deposits or immovable assets will be seized.

* For debts over 30,000 euros, mobile and real estate will be confiscated, but at the same time lawsuits will be filed against the debtors at the Prosecutor’s Office.

* For debts that exceed the amount of 150,000 euros, excluding confiscations, the automatic procedure against the debtors will be requested.

* At the same time, for debts over 250,000 euros, apart from the above coercive measures, the KEAO will register mortgages on the immovable property of the debtors, even if these debts are settled and until they are paid.

It should also be noted that the KEAO has already proceeded to separate the debts into collectable and very low collectability in order to clarify the portfolio of debts. As he states in his latest report, after the removal of the criteria for the transfer of theoretically collectable debts from the insurance funds to the KEAO, many of the debts that have been included in the KEAO show very low or no collectability.

However, there are also debts to the EFKA, which come from strategic defaulters, as can be seen from the analysis and evaluation of debts and debtors carried out by the collection mechanism of the EFKA, and the bet of the next months is to collect revenues of at least 2 billion euros.

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