Mytilineos-Unison: The deal that changes Protergia and the new profits from facility management

Mytilineos-Unison: The deal that changes Protergia and the new profits from facility management
Mytilineos-Unison: The deal that changes Protergia and the new profits from facility management

The foundations for its new business model Protergia service-oriented, capitalizing on the changes brought by the new digital age, and the new needs of consumers, poses the planned acquisition of Unison by Mytilineos.

Protergia already offers technical assistance and property insurance to the services in the My Home program and plans to continuously enrich them. By expanding into facility management services, Mytilineos aims to further develop Protergia in services, ensuring multiple sources of revenue and the growth of its clientele, while at the same time it can secure additional synergies with other companies of the group.

Mytilineos, as it announced yesterday, is in the process of negotiations to draw up an acquisition agreement for the anonymous company with the name “UNISON Facility Services Sole Proprietor Anonyme Company for the Provision of Services, Commercial and Representations”, without, however, having yet completed the process of drawing up a relevant binding agreement.

The aim of Mytilineos, according to information, is to develop synergies with Protergia, which is transforming from an energy supply company to a service provider, but also to expand into a sector with great growth potential.

The great prospects of Facility Management

With the development of new buildings and the emphasis placed on energy management and energy saving, the field of Facility Management shows great prospects. In the already developed countries the development of the sector comes mainly from changes and upgrading oriented towards sustainability and smart energy solutions and approaches.

The great growth of real estate in the coming years, especially if the funds of the Recovery and Resilience Fund are taken into account, as well as foreign capital investments in real estate, is expected to increase the demand for building management services. Today the domestic market share is at 0.8% of GDP, while in other European countries the market share reaches 2% and the global market is estimated at 1.5 trillion. dollars.

This means that from 1.3-1.5 billion euros, which this market amounts to in Greece today can reach 4 billion when it develops.. The growth of this sector is estimated at 6% at least until 2024, which is based on the development of new technologies, which in turn minimize costs and improve efficiency and operation in the industry.

The areas of Facility Management can be divided mainly into cleaning and security, technical services and other services and additional In-house services and Outsourcing.

The growth perspective of the sector in the Greek market has already caused changes and acquisitions in the Facility Management area with a typical example being the acquisition of the real estate management company Engie Hellas by the investment fund SMERemediumCap (SMERC) and its renaming to CORDIA.

The objective of this acquisition is to create the largest and most qualitative Facility Management provider with an integrated range of services with the additional aim of taking advantage of the future doubling of the property management market in the country.

Who is Unison?

Unison is one of the largest facilities management companies with a turnover of more than 50 million euros, with this particular acquisition, the listed company enters an industry with an annual turnover of more than 1 billion euros.

Unison is active in facility management, providing building maintenance services, renovation, energy management, security, support, catering, even exterior renovation and cleaning services in office buildings, but also in industrial facilities.

In its clientele, Unison has some of the largest groups in Greece, such as Viohalco, Sklavenitis, OTE, DELTA, Athenian Brewery, Hygeia group, Metropolitan, Eurobank, PwC, Astir Palace, Great Britain but also institutions such as the Municipality of Athens, STASY , the ETAD, the Zappeio Megaro, the Evangelismos hospital, etc. Unison Human Resources, which offers human resource management services, is also a member of the Unison group.

The company was founded in 1977 with ISS and “Iraklis” Cements as shareholders. In 1988, it takes sole control of ISS, a 122-year-old industry giant based in Denmark. Konstantinos Moraitakis, who since 2012 was CFO in the company and in 2017 took over the Romanian market as Regional CFO, since 2018 holds the position of President & CEO of the company. In 2018, he successfully completed a management buyout of ISS Facility Services in Greece and has since held the position of President and CEO of the company.

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