Over 700 complaints about fake receipts

Over 700 complaints about fake receipts
Over 700 complaints about fake receipts

More than 700 complaints about forged and falsified receipts referred to AADE through the “appodixi” application, which has been working since yesterday through mobile phones. The financial incentive for those who spot a fake receipt seems to be working, as in less than 24 hours 399 anonymous complaints and 327 named ones were made. All complaints are evaluated-checked by AADE in order to determine if they are indeed receipts issued by tampered cash registers or if there is some other problem.

The reports made to the AADE show that:

– In some cases the value of the receipt was less than the amount paid. That is, the receipt received by the consumer stated the actual amount of payment, for example 20 euros, while in AADE the item transmitted by the company was of a lesser value.

– In another case, the tax mechanism was not declared to the tax office.

In less than 24 hours, 399 anonymous and 327 named complaints were submitted through the “appodixi” application.

– It was found that a catering company was late in transmitting the details of the receipts to AADE (at the catering company the transmission time is three hours from the issue). This was established by the report made by the consumer. Specifically, after scanning the receipt, the message stated the following: The cash register is active and declared. If the time of issue is before 09.30 please proceed with a non-delivery report. It is noted that the receipt was issued at 08.30.

Based on the data, from the first day of the launch of the new application, it is established that taxpayers contribute to the reduction of tax evasion, having of course the incentive of the bonus which can reach up to 2,000 euros. According to information, the amount will be multiple times the value of the receipt, possibly up to ten times, with a maximum of 2,000 euros. A necessary condition for the payment of the amount is to establish through the audit that the tax evasion that has been committed will take place.

The application works on mobile phones (Google Play Store and to App Store) and consumers are given the possibility to check the details and validity of a receipt they receive as part of their transaction, by scanning the QR code on it with their mobile phone. The data will then be automatically sent to the AADE system and the consumer will be informed of the result of the control and in the event of a violation being found, he will have the opportunity to report the proof to the AADE.

If it is established from the audit that the receipt is not authentic and a named report is made to the AADE, with the confirmation of the fine the taxpayer-complainant will receive an amount multiple times the value of the receipt.

Through this application, AADE will be informed in a timely and valid manner about businesses that evade taxes and will be able to immediately take the actions provided for by law to protect the public interest.

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