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The illegal habit of Greek cyclists that irritates drivers and creates traffic problems

The illegal habit of Greek cyclists that irritates drivers and creates traffic problems
The illegal habit of Greek cyclists that irritates drivers and creates traffic problems

Some cyclists openly do not care if they prevent the smooth flow of traffic and if they delay or even endanger the rest of the road users.

In endless parking have become in recent days the streets of Athenswith drivers facing hours-long delays.

The traffic chaos, which plagues the autumn capital, has caused irritation to drivers, with many choosing for their commutes alternative media, among which is the bike.

Undeniably, cycling has multifaceted health benefitssince it strengthens our cardiorespiratory system, at the same time as exercises all the muscles of the body. Still, it constitutes one environmentally friendly means of transportation whose mass use would significantly reduce traffic on the roads.


The positive impact, however, of the bicycle on both personal and social well-being it doesn’t mean cyclists are above the law and that they should not respect other road users, obstructing traffic.

Most cyclists, indeed, ride without impeding drivers. However, there is one small portion that is blatantly indifferent to its fellow human beingsadopting a particularly dangerous and, of course, illegal habit.

In particular, many bicycle riders they move parallel by two or more persons. Yes… they set up wells among themselves, at the same time showing that they do not care if they provoke queues of cars behind them. Or if they provoke him irritation of the driversa mental state that can act as a catalyst for causing an accident.

Don’t forget, too, that cyclists, by moving in parallel, conversing, also expose themselves to danger, since there is a risk that they will not perceive a STOP in timewith all that this entails for their safety.


This bad habit is also punished by him Road Traffic Code (Article 40), where it is explicitly stated that “(including cyclists) it is forbidden to move in pairs or even more in parallel”. Whoever violates this provision shall be punished with administrative fine of 80 euros.

Finally, combating this specific phenomenon could be achieved – among other things – through creation one extensive network of cycle paths which would ensure the smooth circulation of bicycle riders.

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